Benetech celebrates its 35th anniversaryBenetech began in 1983 with the aim to reduce combustible dust and improve bulk material handling systems. In 2018, we mark 35 years of growth and innovation in designing world-class products, services and technologies for stronger operations.

When we started, our focus was dust suppression. As our industry awareness and expertise increased, so did our market presence and team of specialists, making Benetech the United States’ premier provider of solutions for reducing fugitive and combustible dust.

We identified early on that companies in our profession often centered more on single products than on adaptive, broad-view solutions for a business’s bulk material handling systems and operating conditions. To fill this vital gap, Benetech researched and developed a full range of bulk material handling products, services and technologies with versatile applications.

Along the way we also enhanced our engineering and services groups to be the premier providers for dust suppression, dust collection, washdown systems, conveyor components and advanced transfer chute systems. This established Benetech as the main provider of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capabilities for bulk material handlers.

Total Dust Management (TDM®)

Today’s Benetech customers benefit from Total Dust Management (TDM®), the optimal range of resources for all aspects of an operation’s material handling needs.

Total Dust Management (TDM®) includes multifaceted solutions such as the MaxZone® conveyor skirtboard system for situations in which an existing component is flawed, aging or failing but budget and time constraints exclude a full system replacement. The MaxZone system’s loadzone modular design allows easy change-out of components for all applications without special permits or lengthy shutdowns. It also requires no welding.

Supported by Benetech’s in-house engineering, equipment manufacturing, research, chemical production and field service, Total Dust Management (TDM®) ensures high-output industries such as coal, steel, cement, and paper and pulp can reduce dust, prevent spillage, improve material flow and achieve compliance. The result is greater safety, efficiency and profitability.

35 Years of Gratitude and Many More of Serving You

We truly appreciate our customers and honor the trust they have placed in us. We are grateful for every opportunity to improve their bulk material handling systems.

Your call is always welcome. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 anytime you wish to speak with a Benetech specialist about a material handling goal or challenge – we will be ready to listen and to serve you.

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