Best-in-Class Conveyor Components

Bulk material handling customers and processing industries depend on conveyor components. Conveyors and conveyor systems are used to move products and materials along the supply chain from one location to another. As an integral part of modern material handling, industrial conveyor systems add both efficiency and safety. Where manual product transportation was time-consuming and hazardous to employees in the past, using today’s conveyor systems allows for fast and safe material flow, saving time, money and keeping employees safer. Benetech offers best-in-class belt Conveyor Components and accessories, including idlers, liners, v plows/v ploughs, motorized brushes, brush cleaners, diagonal plows, conveyor guarding, and belt cleaners for bulk material handling for your conveyor systems and conveyor equipment needs.

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Benetech’s conveyor belt cleaning solutions include primary, secondary, and specialty cleaners or belt scrapers that solve carry-back issues once and for all.  Created to keep production moving and extend the life of your belt, our conveyor belt cleaning systems provide a superb and deep cleaning efficiency that minimizes maintenance.

Benetech’s conveyor belt cleaning solutions are made for all transported material regardless of their hardness, shape, or abrasiveness. With our conveyor belt cleaning systems, your business can manage everything from wood chips, recycled paper, and garbage to iron pellets, coal, and crushed rock.


Labeled Benetech Conveyor Belt



  • Simple Slide Idler
    • Benetech’s Simple Slide Idler features roller frames that slide into place without the need to raise the belt or remove adjacent idlers, resulting in easy maintenance and greater safety. In addition, the frames’ compact size allows for placement even in confined spaces, ensuring you have the belt support you need.
    • Rated CEMA  C, D, or E, the Simple Slide Idler is available with standard or wide-base roller frames. The frames require only 8″ (200mm) of width when 6″ rollers (150mm) are used.
    • The Simple Slide Idler also uses either impact or steel rolls and comes in any belt width and troughing angle.
  • Drop & Slide IdlerDrop & Slide Idler
    • The Benetech Drop and Slide Idler incorporate a retractable side support roller unit accessed from the conveyor’s serviceable side. When in the retracted position, the roller unit simply slides out from underneath the existing conveyor belt allowing for easy roller inspection or replacement.
    • Carrying side conveyor belt idler and is used on the cargo-carrying side of the conveyor belt
    • Placement of the idler is most common in transfer point or load zone areas but can be used anywhere on the carrying side of the conveyor belt.
    • Unique design allows for a quick change installation from only one side
    • Allows workers to stay in confined spaces for shorter periods
  • Drop & Slide Return
    • Benetech’s Drop & Slide Return Rollers allow for safe installation and removal of rollers from one side of the belt when access is restricted.
    • In addition, the design of the frame assembly allows for placement even in confined spaces, allowing one person to change out the return roller easily and safely.


  • Warrior Impact Bed
    •  The Warrior Impact Bed includes a sturdy steel frame that stabilizes and supports the conveyor belt during loading, defending it from damage. In addition, the Warrior’s stiff, rigid frame and soft rubber bars cushion the belt and absorb impact.
    • The Warrior Impact Bed also offers ‘fine-tune’ wing adjustment for optimum sealing, as well as wings and center sections that slide in and out for easy access. Plus, impact bar change-outs are quick, keeping downtime to a minimum. The result is longer belt life, no spillage, and lower operations and maintenance costs.
  • Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed
    • Disassembled view of a belt support and containment system.The Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed creates a seamless seal that helps eliminate dust and spillage in the load zone. The support bed uses low-friction slider bars on the wing sections and rollers in the center, minimizing belt drag while providing vital support at the edges. In addition, the adjustable wing sections ensure a flat, level surface for the conveyor belt and the load zone, allowing the sealing system to perform its best.
    • Easy to install, maintain, and fit troughing angles, the Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed increases skirtboard life, removes gaps between the skirtboard and seal, and stops crimping of interior skirt liners.
    • The Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed can include center standard or impact rollers. Typical bars and beds are 48″ (1200mm). Custom lengths also are available.


Used widely in mining and other conveyor-related industries, these reliable, highly reactive conveyor belt tracking idlers continually outperform others on the market. Because they are made to operate under demanding conditions, the Benetech trackers prevent belt and structural damage caused by frame and guide rollers. The result is more savings and less downtime. Plus, the system’s brains are housed in the roller and cannot wear, so the trackers’ function will not fade over time.

The Benetech trackers accommodate conveyor belts ranging from 450mm to 2600mm in width.

Render of a conveyor belt roller with tracking grooves, designed to work bidirectionally.
  • Benetech Training Idler
  • Benetech Troughing Training Idler
  • Benetech Reversible Training Idler


XN Externally Adjusted Internal Wear Liner

The MaxZone XN Externally Adjusted Internal Wear liner is placed in the conventional position inside the skirtboard while you can access the adjusting mechanism from the outside. As a result, you never need to enter the chute to remove the liner or make adjustments.

This patented technology gives you instant advantages, including quick, simple wear liner replacements; no confined entry requirements; easily visible adjustment with immediate performance results; reduced early wear and erosion of belt skirt rubber; extended life of usable steel/chrome; and no more cutting/welding of wear liners.

Benetech Skirting Seal Systems

  • B Seal – a superior seal with a great price
  • B-Plus/BX Seal – B-Plus with polyurethane, BX seal all rubber
  • Classic Seal – a simple seal that gets the job done
  • Classic Plus Seal – basic profile with a polyurethane addition that provides exceptional sealing for minimal belt-edge distances
  • Classic Poly Seal – a solid, practical polyurethane seal that outlasts other products such as steel, UHMW, and rubber
  • Load Zone Clamps
    • Available as a 4′ or 6′ modular design, the standard clamp ensures the skirt provides a consistent seal and an economical solution for load-point spillage, as well as safe access and long service life. The bolt option comes in powder-coated, galvanized, or stainless steel; galvanized also includes a swivel-handle option.

Dust-Tight Conveyor Chute Inspection Doors

Heavy duty and simple to install, Benetech conveyor chute inspection doors let you achieve both necessary steps safely and efficiently. The doors’ distinctive design and proven technology provide you with complete and easy access for service and maintenance, as well as a tight seal against airborne dust.

An integral part of your material handling system, Benetech access doors feature:

  • An innovative door-deflector panel for less material build-up on the door seal
  • Grease fitting on pinned hinges for no play or locking up
  • Resilient door seals are hidden in the groove for long-lasting service
  • Ergonomic cam-action and never-seize closing latches with adjustable tension for suite operation requirements
  • Heavy-duty handles that won’t bend
  • Easy installation with a simple cut-and-weld or bolt-on process

The standard Benetech conveyor chute inspection door is mild steel (safety yellow) with an unlined deflector panel.


Conveyor Belt Guards

Conveyor belt guard

Staff at bulk material–handling plants spend considerable time near moving mechanical parts and material flow. Benetech helps you protect your employees from moving parts and pinch points on the conveyor with conveyor belt guarding, especially around tail-pulley sections and gravity take-ups.

Benetech’s customized, self-supporting conveyor belt guards are easy to install. They require no welding or cutting, and their modular bolt-together design makes the set-up simple.

They are equally easy to maintain, as well as built to last. Should staff access equipment, they can remove the conveyor belt guards in seconds with ergonomically friendly handles. Heavy-duty steel construction and powder coating further add to extra years of use for your facility.

Return Idler Basket

A return idler basket securing a belt idler against falling on workers below.

Benetech’s Return Idler Basket prevents malfunctioning return idlers from falling on workers and equipment below. Easy to install, it requires no welding or cutting – beam-clamp assembly provides a simple snap-on. Its large openings also eliminate build-up.

The lightweight design lets one person handle the guard, which can be snapped off to the service idlers or belts. Heavy-duty steel construction eliminates warping and bending, and a powder coating adds even more excellent durability.

We’re ready to assist you with optimal conveyor belt support for your transfer point solutions. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.