The Proactive Mill Temperature Monitoring System

Mills are the heart of your plant ─ they profoundly influence your ability to generate power economically. Reliability, performance, and capacity are critical factors in their role the conditioning coal for proper combustion and delivering 100% of the fuel to the boiler. Yet, firing high-moisture and highly–reactive sub-bituminous coals, which are inherently pre-disposed to mill fires and puffs, exposes your utility to risk of damage, shut down, and unsafe working conditions. The MillPro® Mill Protection System is always on guard, helping you proactively reduce exposure to these risks.

Without a temperature management system, a coal-fired utility plant is at risk for temperature excursions that can ignite high coal dust concentrations within the mill. This exposes plant personnel and the plant to the potential for extensive damage, resulting in long downtimes with overall expenses reaching millions of dollars. The MillPro® System helps mitigate these risks through the controlled spraying of MillPro Temperature Suppressant Encapsulating Agent (MillPro TS-EA) when excursions occur and rapidly reduce heat.

As the key to the MillPro® System, MillPro TS-EA changes the surface of every water molecule, adding a new molecular skin to each droplet. The latest and unique molecular design allows for specific alignment within a water droplet to significantly higher heat reduction with a much lower application density than water alone. Once an excursion occurs, MillPro TS-EA is injected into the mill as a fine mist. Cooling begins immediately, reducing damage to your equipment and returning your mill to standard operating conditions within seconds.