compliance-picCompliance mandates that could have serious implications for your operations are shaking up material handling industries. Mandates like the OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (NEP) give enforcement powers to compliance officers to conduct inspections at any time—with full access to your site and to your employees.

We understand many plants don’t have the time, manpower, or expertise to put a plan and process in place that will ensure compliance and freedom from fines. This is why P2 developed SAFE+. This comprehensive program is designed to make compliance a worry-free process.

Using the SAFE+ Process, our highly skilled Compliance Assessment Teams will partner with you to:

Safe Plus

  • SURVEY YOUR OPERATION, identify areas for improvement, assess your “immediate risks”, and develop a roadmap to compliance
  • APPLY SOLUTIONS for a turnkey execution plan that you can deploy immediately
  • FORMAT COMPLIANCE documentation—then keep it current with periodic checks and updates
  • EMPOWER YOUR STAFF with training on maintaining proper conditions and meeting safety standards

We’ll take care of all your compliance needs by partnering with you on:

  • Housekeeping and Training Programs
  • Plant Documentation of fire, incident and completed training history
  • Ignition Control Programs:
    • Hot work permit policies
    • Hazardous classifications and electrical enclosures
    • Ground and bond duct work
  • Explosion venting calculations
  • Combustible dust warning signs
  • Safety manuals and records
  • Dust Collection and Duct Design