conversion-picLCV/Sub-Bituminous Coal Handling

Due to its environmentally sound, low sulfur content and its cost efficiency, there is a great demand for low-calorific value (LCV) sub-bituminous coals, such as those from the Powder River Basin. However, when it comes to using these coals as a fuel source, there are a number of problems for the users. Issues include increased fire risk, coal spillage, fugitive dust, and generation unit derates. As the leading expert in the handling of LCV coals, Benetech’s Plant Professionals assist our customers in ensuring that these problems are mitigated and that the material handling operation is properly engineered and modified to safely handle its combustive characteristics.

Benetech’s Plant Professionals LCV Coal Handling Assessment Services include:

  • Combustion tests to assess the ability to safely burn LCV/PRB coal
  • Assessment of the entire physical plant and coal yard operations
  • Recommendations that identify all necessary steps to transition to a safe-running LCV/PRB coal operation, addressing equipment and technology upgrades to streamline coal yard operation and  compatibility
  • Documentation of formal procedures for running the new operation
  • Training, from revising hot work procedures for the coal yard area to ensuring that all coal yard personnel understand the challenges of LCV/PRB coal and the necessary adjustments to be made to their areas of responsibility
  • Review of combustion processes to assess the ability and challenges to safely burn LCV/PRB coal