Problems with Material Handling at Your Cement Facility? Benetech has your solution.

The situation: A California cement quarry was confronting major dust problems due to spillage and the poor flow of its traditionally designed rock boxes chutes. Plus, because the material wasn’t being controlled, it was causing premature wear on the belt and chute surfaces.

The solution: Benetech arrived at the plant to assess the conditions. After a complete evaluation, we provided the cement quarry with material handling solutions for:

  • controlling material flow to alleviate spillage and dusting
  • extending belt and chute life
  • creating a safe work environment.

To upgrade the cement quarry’s material handling system, we replaced the existing bucket elevators to the existing conveyors with our engineered Advance Transfer Systems. Main elements of the solution included:

  • enlarging the bucket elevator discharge opening to prevent material from dropping back into the center of the bucket elevator
  • removing the large rock box
  • adding low-impact angels to the chute design plus smaller, smoother flow chutes and smooth-flow, low-impact angels to the loading chute
  • establishing a more concentrated flow to decrease dusting as well as a smoother flow to reduce spillage.

Equally important, we deployed premium conveyor components to prevent spillage and carryback:

  • a patented, XN® internal liner “retrofit” assembly with a B+ double-lip seal
  • long-lasting, high-performing belt cleaners
  • heavy-duty, easy-access inspection doors

In addition, to ensure sustainable results, we provided the cement quarry with thorough training for their Benetech Advanced Transfer System. Our specialists worked alongside personnel to help them become proficient with all-new technologies and master optimal maintenance techniques.

The result was a cement facility material handling problem transformed into an operational success. Because of Benetech’s custom solution, the cement quarry can operate with:

  • controlled material flow, significantly reducing dust emissions
  • drastically reduced spillage
  • increased belt, chute and liner life
  • lowered plant-maintenance costs
  • improved overall operational safety
  • easier, less expensive maintenance (a benefit of the XN® retrofit)
  • minimized project capital through the integration of the new technology with the existing system.

Greater dust emissions from transfers, extreme spillage and material carryback, extra labor for system cleaning and maintenance, and premature wear of belts and chute surfaces are all common problems with material handling systems in cement facilities. Benetech identifies what’s holding you back from more efficient and profitable production and brings your system to exactly where you need it to be.

We are ready to support you with the right solution for your cement facility’s material handling. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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