Proven Dust Suppression Chemical Agents for Superior Dust Control

Economical Efficient & Eco Friendly dust suppression

Benetech’s dust suppression chemical agents help ensure governmental compliance, create a safer workplace, and reduce the risk of fire and explosions.

The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes chemical dust suppression as the “Best Available Control Technology” for various material handling applications.

Benetech’s renowned chemists perform constant product research and development at our onsite lab facilities for Dust Suppression Chemical Agents. As a result, our dust suppression chemical agents must pass intensive testing before receiving our seal of approval. The result is chemical dust suppression that helps you achieve optimal compliance and safety.

Chemical Agents

Encrusting Agents: Pile & Road Haul Sealer

Benetech’s encrusting agents produce a semi-permanent shell over your material. This coating guards against rain and wind erosion, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs. These products also prevent air from entering, minimizing oxidation in sealed piles and reducing the risk of spontaneous combustion. Benetech’s encrusting agents provide excellent pile sealing, slope control, and rail car topper solutions.

Residual Agents

These residual chemical agents prevent material from becoming dusty in storage, minimizing both immediate and long-term dust issues. Using a full-body application, these products lessen or eliminate the clouds of fugitive dust that can occur. They will help control airborne dust created during conveying and decrease fugitive-dust problems associated with stackout, stockpiles, railcar and hopper unloading feeders, and conveyor transfers.

Foam AgentsFoaming Series Benetech Chemical Agents

Our foam chemical agents’ patented technology combines foaming and wetting characteristics to allow easy mixing with water. This chemical agent lowers the required moisture for effective dust control and maximum BTU. Applied to difficult impact areas, the foam covers and then captures airborne dust. Primary uses include reclaiming applications where minimizing moisture and the boiler is critical, crusher windmills, and applications where extra moisture can create chute pluggage.

The mining and transportation industries, in particular, use our foaming surfactant blends to reduce dust levels both above and below ground. Our foam agents have also preferred dust suppression chemicals for coal and other fine solids.

Wetting Agents

Wetter Series Benetech Chemical Agents Bottom Dump

Benetech’s wetting chemical agents increase water’s ability to wet dust particles and suppress material emissions, allowing you to control dust with less mess and moisture.

Water’s relatively high surface tension (72 dynes per centimeter) makes water alone insufficient to penetrate crushed coal, rock, or other fibrous materials. In addition, because water’s surface is hard, water particles bounce off dust particles instead of wet them. Adding wetting agents to water lowers its surface tension to 28–36 dynes per centimeter, improving its ability to wet particles, penetrate material and decrease dust. As a result, you set up less equipment at fewer application points for less cost.

These surfactants suppress dust in rapid material movement applications such as conveyor transfers, rotary cars, bottom-dump rail car unloaders, and ship and truck unloading hoppers.

Belt De-Icers

Belt De-Icer

  • Belt De-Icers are a cold-weather solution.
  • Non-corrosive
  • Does not affect the properties of the material
  • Does not alter the fusion temperature of the material

BT-915 and BT-930 minimize rail and barge unloading problems during winter operations. BT-951 and BT-952 minimize icing, freezing, and material slippage on conveyor belts during low-temperature winter operations. Each winter season, industries confront having to unload and handle frozen coal, coke, and other materials. Freezing in loaded rail cars, bunkers, and conveying equipment can create higher labor and maintenance costs, as well as expensive demurrage. When frozen, a material with as little as 6% surface moisture can cohere so strongly that special handling is needed to break up the mass. Benetech’ss freeze control products use advanced chemistry to modify and weaken ice, so it readily fractures. They also work as dust control agents to hold fugitive dust particles on coal surfaces during off-loading and handling under even severe weather conditions.

Fly Ash Conditioners

These cost-effective conditioners significantly reduce fly ash. Working as a set retardant, they delay hardening and weaken the strength, resulting in easy, efficient clean-up of pug mills. In addition, you no longer need to contend with labor-intensive, high-energy removal methods – a basic hose will remove the ash for transfer. We’re ready to support you with dust suppression chemical agents for safer, cleaner, and more compliant material handling, including dust suppression chemicals for coal. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.