Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions: Replacement Conveyor Belt Scraper Blades

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Benetech offers replacement belt cleaning blades for all Benetech primary cleaners and primary belt cleaners supplied by other manufacturers. Benetech’s replacement blades feature our patent-pending AdvantEdge blade technology combining a metal blade’s cleaning and wear-life benefits in a safe urethane blade as the leader in high-performance urethane development.

The main benefits of using our AdvantEdge conveyor belt scraper blades for your material handling include:

Longer lasting urethane

  • Fewer blade changes are necessary, saving time and money
  • Less maintenance required allowing your manpower to concentrate on other areas

A harder blade with a unique wave design

  • The flexing feature minimizes differential pressure at the belt, ensuring more consistent contact and the elimination of carryback.
  • The distinctive changing-profile design allows the blade to follow the belt contours, reduce blade-edge bull-nosing, and prevent blade separating and splitting.

More use of the blade for cleaning

  • When standard industry urethane blades are worn, they are thrown away with 25% or more of the blade remaining; a worn AdvantEdge blade has only about 10% of the urethane left.
  • This contrast in usage leads to notably greater wear life, less overall cost, and much less service maintenance.

Our replacement conveyor belt scraper blades are color-coded to match performance to your application.

Benetech’s extensive experience and knowledge create powerful production advantages. We understand exactly what you need for efficient belt cleaning with a better blade that adapts, lasts longer, and ultimately saves you time and money. GUARANTEED.

Use AdvantEdge technology to achieve superior results for your material handling. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to inquire further about our BEP1 primary conveyor belt cleaning system or order your replacement conveyor belt scraper blades.


  • A harder, stiffer urethane formulation provides the cleaning efficiency and the extended wear life of a metal blade without the disadvantages.
  • The wave profile ensures a variable attack angle to prevent tip bull nosing and smoothes out pressure changes from the spring tensioner.
  • Retrofits to competitive brands
  • Flex arcs provide flexibility for better belt contact, high wear resistance, and lower friction.

The Longest Lasting Blade on the Market

Standard Blade

Standard Conveyor Scraper Blade

  • Appropriate for 90% of applications
  • Acid-resistant
  • Materials: Coke, coal, steel/ore
  • Temperature Rating: -20° to 160°F

High Temperature Blade

High-Temperature Conveyor Scraper Blade

  • For exposure to intermittent temperatures up to 450°
  • Materials: Clinker
  • Temperature Rating: -40° to 375°F

Chemical Resistant Blade

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Scraper Blade

  • Materials: Limestone
  • Temperature Rating: -40° to 160°F

Abrasion Resistant Blade

Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Scraper Blade

  • Materials: Hard rock, dry sand
  • Temperature Rating: -20° to 160°F