Essential Solutions for the Cement Industry

When construction activity picks up, the cement industry peaks, optimal service and efficiency depend on your plant’s ability to supply products without delays or complications.

During production, your cement conveying system moves abrasive material to create dust and wear out belts and other system components. Benetech solutions for material handling at cement plants help prevent problems before they occur to ensure maximum output, reduced maintenance, and a safer, cleaner operation.

The Main Things That Matter to You

Piles of loose industrial materials

Sustaining high performance in the cement industry requires you to keep material moving throughout production, including crushers, preheaters, clinker coolers, kilns, and storage silos. Whether spillage, carryback, or belt mistracking, just one snag can bring business to a halt.

As a cement plant operator, you’re primarily on alert for spillage and fugitive dust, which shorten the lives of your conveyor belts. Dust can both interfere with production and create hazards. They also prevent the belt from achieving its design capabilities. Similarly, failing belt cleaners threaten the belt, idlers, trackers, and plows.

Specialists in Belt Cleaners at Cement Plants: Case in Point

Benetech understands what it takes to continue production at total capacity. We provide your plant the assessments and solutions for efficient material conveying systems and cement plant dust control.

One recent example of our precise problem-solving involved maintaining and cleaning the main conveyor belt for the kiln at one of Texas’ largest cement plants. The plant conveys material at 150 tons per hour 24 hours a day, shutting down once every three weeks for maintenance.

The plant had invested in a high-temperature belt to handle continuous ambient temperatures of 300°–325°F with peaks up to 750°F. However, after trying multiple brand belt cleaners, it could not find a cleaner system that lasted longer than two weeks without melting or burning. The failed cleaners damaged the belt, idlers, trackers, and plows.

After meeting with management and inspecting the plant’s cement conveying systems, Benetech proposed applying its ADVANTEDGE hot pink belt cleaner for cement plants, which is designed for extreme conditions, including high operating temperatures.

The plant added the ADVANTEDGE scraper blade to its cement conveying system. Eight months after installation, the belt was still performing at high levels.

More-Productive and Profitable Cement Conveying Systems

You succeed with Benetech because our engineers know your challenges and create exact solutions for them.

Whether getting the most from your conveyor belt or enhancing your cement plant dust control, with Benetech you:

  • Better manage your material flow
  • Ensure top performance at high temperatures
  • Significantly reduce fugitive dust
  • Increase belt, chute, and wearliner life
  • Prevent belts from mistracking
  • Decrease spillage and carryback
  • Improve operational safety
  • Cut maintenance time and costs

In addition to our ADVANTEDGE belt cleaner for cement plants, find out more about other Benetech solutions for cement conveying systems:

We also work closely with your plant’s personnel to assist with new technologies and proper system maintenance.


Upgrade Your Efficiency and Safety Starting Today

Cement production is too important to run the risks of unexpected downtime and excessive maintenance. Further, secure your cement conveying system and cement plant dust control. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist and see how our integrated services and technologies can help improve your operation by reducing dust, preventing spillage, improving material flow, and ensuring compliance.


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