Dust Collection Assessment

Dust Collection Assessment

Dust affects nearly all industries, including Aggregates, Cement, Steel, Wood, Biomass, Power, and Manufacturing. Utilizing dust collection continues to be an effective and important means to control airborne dust.

Benetech’s experience helps improve safety and productivity by conducting a dust collection assessment to get the most out of existing systems. Generating a focused, cost-effective evaluation provides our customers with a detailed mechanical and technical review of their complete dust collection system.

Shortcomings of the system are noted, along with recommendations and solutions to get the systems operating their best. By integrating OSHA and NFPA guidelines, we can make the systems compliant with current standards.

What is involved in a Dust Collection Assessment?

Benetech will conduct a site survey and mechanical assessment of the current dust collection system. This assessment provides a path to improving dust control while maintaining as much of the current system as possible.

The goal of the assessment is to ensure proper operation of the dust collection system, offering improvements as possible within the capabilities of the existing dust collection system.

The assessment will identify velocities in different regions of the dust collection system, from the hoods to the exhaust duct from the fan. Also, it will help identify deficiencies within the existing system and how to address them best to get the most out of the system. Finally, the findings will be the basis for recommendations within the report.

This assessment is a visual, hands-on review of the system. Any findings of immediate necessary action will be identified to site personnel during the visit.

Benetech’s EOI Dust Collection Assessment Program (Evaluate, Optimize, Improve) focuses on expert observations and recommendations that provide site personnel a path for improved dust control from existing equipment.

Benetech Dust Collection

What are the main areas of concern?

  • Hoods
  • Ductwork
  • Fans
  • Temperature
  • Dampers or Blast Gates
  • Duct Air Velocity
  • Moisture
  • Combustible Dust
  • Filter Media
  • System Design


Benetech’s EOI Dust Collection Assessment Program

Benetech’s ROI Dust Collection Assessment Program (Repair, Optimize, Improve) focuses on expert observations and recommendations that provide site personnel a path for improved dust control and spillage control.


The assessment details ensure the dust collection system is mechanically able to operate correctly. Review of gauges, filter material/condition, solenoids, fan, ductwork condition, etcetera. Recommendations will identify critical maintenance issues and system airflow balancing.


Identify improvements to the collection system to attain proper duct velocities, make system adjustments to ensure the dustiest areas are being addressed within the abilities of the existing collector and fan. Includes review of hood design, hood placement, ductwork velocities, and elimination of unnecessary/improper duct/hoods.


Addresses shortcomings in the design of the dust collection system by offering other technologies to assist in keeping the material on the belt. We utilize proven technologies to improve operating conditions, including load zone (skirting design, liners, seals, belt support, etc.), belt cleaners, belt tracking, return plows, and engineered access doors.

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