Loose coal in a heap.

At Benetech, we see the world of coal-fired power generation a little differently than ordinary providers do. We look through the eyes of our clients. We see the complex challenges you face. We not only understand how they impact your organization but appreciate their impact on the power supply chain. And we use that knowledge to guide everything we do.

Our job is to help you find straightforward solutions that drive lower O&M costs and build synergy to deliver your company towards an acceptable risk profile. We combine strategy with expertise and technology — whatever it takes to help you leverage necessary advancements in your material handling system so that your company can execute your plans to achieve strategic goals.

Your business comes first.  You’ll find we’re candid about your challenges and committed to delivering exactly what we promise. Expertise and integrity set our people apart. They’re the number one reason Benetech leads the way in coal yard advancements.

Products & Services

Coal piled near a power plant.

Benetech brings together a wealth of technology and experience to help customers increase their efficiency, successfully minimize the risks inherent with coal handling and transport and produce the lowest “Total Cost of Ownership.” We are the leader in driving “Best Practices” and programs targeted to deliver safe storage, transfer, and coal processing. Our complete range of technologies and services is sure to keep your plant running more effectively with less downtime due to spillage.

  • Enhance safety
  • Reduce fugitive dust
  • Decrease O&M costs
  • Increase equipment performance and reliability
  • Increase wearliner life

Material Handling

Our comprehensive matrix of technologies and services is specifically designed to help reduce operation and maintenance expenses by:

  • Controlling fugitive dust emissions
  • Improving material handling processes and techniques
  • Preventing costs and hazards associated with spillage and dust

Total Dust Management (TDM®)

Coal being transferred to a storage heap.

Benetech Total Dust Management (TDM®) products and resources include some of the industry’s most intelligent, reliable solutions for preventing and managing coal dust-related hazards.

  • TDM® Audits
  • Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC)
  • Engineered Transfer Chutes
  • Conveyor Components &  Containment
  • Inspection Doors
  • Clean Sweep Air Cannon Systems
  • Dust Suppression
  • Wet Dust Collection
  • Washdown Systems
  • Fire Suppressants & Equipment
  • Freeze Conditioning

Upgrade Your Efficiency and Safety Starting Today

Since 1983 Benetech has provided custom engineering services, innovative products and technologies, and expert plant services for the safe transfer, storage, and coal processing. For more information on how Benetech can help your operation implement best practices, contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.


Integrating the Right Tools for Successful Solutions