Benetech, Inc. Safe Bulk Material Handling Solutions

Benetech, Inc. is the premier provider of best-in-class solutions for plant performance in industries experiencing dust control and material handling issues. Our Total Dust Management (TDM®) Solutions focus on providing products and services to improve overall dust control, material flow performance, and safety. Our commitment to total quality has served us with both customers and employees alike since 1983.

Our Total Dust Management (TDM®) toolbox focuses on implementing multiple technologies producing sustainable and maintainable solutions. Our competitors focus on selling a product, Benetech focuses on providing solutions.

Total Dust Management (TDM®) Solutions:

  • Conveyor Components
  • Dust Suppression
  • Engineered Transfer Chutes
  • Load Zone & Containment
  • Wet and Dry Dust Collection
  • Washdown Systems
  • Assessments & Plant Services

Our mission is to “make a positive difference in our customers’ lives by providing premier solutions for dust control that add value, ensure efficiency, and help create a safe working environment.”

Established in 1983, Benetech is a global leader in dust control and bulk material handling. Initially focused primarily on dust suppression, Benetech quickly became respected as the premier dust control provider in the United States. As client relationships grew, Benetech’s expertise was called upon to handle various bulk material handling issues. This natural progression drove our company’s initiative in providing a complete line of material handling products and services. Through acquisitions and the building of “best-in-class” products for Dust Collection, Advanced Transfer Systems, Washdown Systems, and Dust Suppression and Conveyor Components, Benetech has become the only EPC with in-house engineering equipment, manufacturing, research, chemical productions, and field service capabilities.

Today, Benetech is respected as a global leader in comprehensive, performance-based bulk material handling solutions. Our solutions are designed to comply with the standards and guidelines enforced by OSHA, EPA, MSHA, and other domestic and international governing bodies. We aim to provide a range of solutions to help our customers reduce dust, prevent spillage, and improve material flow throughout their facilities. Benetech’s complete solutions toolbox address a wide range of issues in the bulk material handling systems at the surface and underground mines, coal-fired electric generating plants, refineries, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, biomass facilities, cement plants, coal trans-loading facilities, aggregate, and stone operation.

Best-in-Class Conveyor Components

Bulk material handling customers and processing industries depend on conveyor components. Conveyors and conveyor systems move products and materials along the supply chain from one location to another. Industrial conveyor systems add efficiency and safety as an integral part of modern material handling. Where manual product transportation was time-consuming and hazardous to employees in the past, using today’s conveyor systems allows for fast and safe material flow, saving time money, and keeping employees safer. Benetech offers best-in-class Conveyor Components and accessories, including idlers, liners, v plows/v ploughs, motorized brushes, rotary brushes, brush cleaners, diagonal plows, conveyor guarding, and belt cleaners for bulk material handling for your conveyor systems and conveyor components equipment needs. To learn more, visit our product line and literature.






Integrated Material Handling Solutions:

 Reduce Dust

 Prevent Spillage

 Improve Material Flow

 Ensure Compliance

Our Global Reach

Benetech is respected as a global leader in comprehensive, performance-based compliance programs that ensure safe and efficient bulk material handling systems. Designed to address the laws and guidelines enforced by OSHA, EPA, MSHA, and other governing bodies, Benetech’s programs are built to help its clients meet all regulatory requirements, while enhancing operations with a complete range of products, technologies and services.

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