Mitigating Dry Dust Collection & Control

Dust control is a constant challenge for any operator that handles dry bulk material such as biomass, recycling, wood chips, pulp and paper, cement, aggregates, and coal.

Challenges with dust include health concerns, maintenance costs, safety risks, and governmental and workplace compliance. Therefore, controlling the dust is vital to your business and your personnel, as well as to your community.

Because so much is at stake, bulk material handlers must follow specific regulations and guidelines concerning dust containment. The first step is recognizing the origins of the dry dust. Processes such as bag handling, mixing and blending, conveying, drying, and storing can all be possible sources.

Once the sources are identified, industrial dust collectors can filter the air to be collected without adverse effects.

Rex Aire dry dust collector - access pointDry Dust Collection: Onsite Solutions

If your business handles dry bulk material, you likely know that dry dust collection can evolve into specific equipment operating and maintenance issues over time.

For example, the dust collector begins picking up the excess product while operating at a high volume. In other cases, volumes may be below industry standards, causing dust to fall out in ducts and plug them. In addition, filters can plug or tear, interfering with performance.

Whether your challenges are recent or recurring, they can quickly disrupt your mission. You need your current system to be reliably efficient, and any adjustments or modifications require a balance of performance and budget.

Benetech specializes in updating and revitalizing existing dry dust collection systems. Rare among your choices of partners, our field engineers have a national presence in which we can:

  • Survey your existing systems
  • Identify the areas creating issues related to performance
  • Develop solutions specific to those items requiring remediation
  • Implement the solution right at the site
  • Provide expertise in a diverse range of dry collection systems
  • Fix what you own versus having to spend large amounts of capital on new equipment

We assess the problem, acquire the required parts, re-design ductwork if needed, and get your dry dust collectors back and running.

Dry Dust Collection: New Systems

Rex aire dry dust collector - full tower

However, Benetech can provide your operations with a new system if your current system is beyond practical repair. In addition, Benetech offers a complete line of industrial dust collectors to help you control dust while increasing efficiency and lowering O&M costs.

Rex-Aire LP

  • Low-pressure, high-volume, reverse-pulse design
  • Maximized safety against fire and explosion
  • Minimized confined–entry space requirements
  • Designed for PRB coal dust


  • Pulse-jet–cleaning fabric filters
  • Dust control for localized needs
  • Multiple design capabilities
  • Economical solutions

Insertable Dry Dust Collector

  • Automatic reverse-jet fabric filter
  • Cost-effective solution for centralized dust control
  • Suitable for collection of large dust concentrations
  • Small footprint and easy installation

*NEW* Cartridge Dust Collection

  • Cartridge media for different material factors
  • Space-saving compact designs for confined areas
  • Safe, compliant operation with combustible dust
  • Easy maintenance from the outside collector

dry dust collector  benetech dry dust collector

Conquer Dry Dust Starting Now

Benetech provides the innovation and knowledge for keeping your business productive, profitable, and safe. Please find out more about how we can support your efforts and goals with dry dust collection and wet dust extraction. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.