Specialty Applications for Efficient, Secure Material Handling


Benetech understands your material concerns and challenges – we know what can go wrong and what it will cost you. That’s why we make sure you have access to every tool you need for problem-free production. Our specialty applications add even greater depth and range to your integrated material solutions.

Flue Gas Conditioners

Existing electrostatic precipitators provide efficient collection for the coals being used or proposed at the time of design. Many electric utilities have switched to low-sulfur coal to meet current regulations on sulfur dioxide emissions or to other coals that offer a greater economy. In many cases, these changes have hindered precipitators and caused particulate emissions or opacity to exceed regulated limits.

Proven to perform, a Benetech flue gas conditioning system applies specific chemical treatment to enhance precipitator productivity. Whether for a hot side or a cold side precipitator, our flue gas conditioning technology provides precise chemical solutions for each collection problem according to the unit’s parameters.

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Fire Suppressants

Benetech specializes in biodegradable, non-toxic agents for fighting Class A and B fires. These agents subdue sub-bituminous coals and other highly flammable materials.

Benetech fire suppressants knock down fires six times faster with six times less medium. Excellent for coal conveyor fire protection, they:

  • reduce fire damage with less chemical cost
  • work with standard firefighting equipment using water or foam as a medium
  • are UL certified to pass ANSI/NFPA 18 for Class A (0.25% minimum use) and B (0.50% minimum use) fire suppression.

We can also supply you with important firefighting components such as nozzles, educators, proportions, and portable firefighting equipment.

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Slagging and Fouling

Whether driven by environmental or economic concerns, a change in a steam generator’s coal can alter the unit’s performance. A vital fuel parameter is the slagging and fouling characteristic. For example, a deficiency in superheat and reheat temperatures can result from excessive furnace heat absorption due to an increase in the coal’s fusion point, a reduced ash content, or a combination of both.

Benetech’s GAM-60 coal ash modification products solve specific coal- and combustion-related issues. The economic benefits of using them can be substantial for your business.

GAM-60 products recover superheat/reheat steam temperatures and improve the unit heat rate while maintaining flexible fuel-supply traits.

Find out more about our GAM-60 slagging and fouling products.

Spontaneous Combustion Prevention

When sitting for long periods, sub-bituminous coals and other combustible materials tend to self-heat. This creates possible hot spots and fires. Not inhibiting spontaneous combustion coal and other flammable materials can lead to safety issues and loss of time, money, and product.

We excel in the safe handling, transfer, and storage of materials that often oxidize. Our Spontaneous Combustion Prevention Program minimizes risk and safety concerns during transport and storage with:

  • pile management that helps limit incidents
  • pile sealers that slow oxidation
  • our Spontaneous Combustion Inhibitor (BT-627) to stabilize the material and reduce spontaneous heating by limiting oxygen and evaporation. This unique blend of organic chemicals increases storage and transport times, reduces water uptake on material, and controls dust during handling.

Discover more about our Spontaneous Combustion Prevention Program, including for inhibiting spontaneous combustion coal.

Freeze Conditioning Agents

Harsh temperatures that freeze material and equipment can halt operations. Benetech Freeze Conditioning Agents help you prevent possible breaks in production.

Each winter season, industries confront having to unload and handle frozen coal, coke, and other materials. Freezing in loaded rail cars, bunkers, and conveying equipment can create higher labor and maintenance costs, as well as expensive demurrage. When frozen, a material with as little as 6% surface moisture can cohere so strongly that special handling is needed to break up the mass.

Benetech’s freeze control products use advanced chemistry to modify and weaken ice, so it readily fractures. They also work as dust control agents to hold fugitive dust particles on coal surfaces during off-loading and handling under even severe weather conditions.

Non-corrosive and protective down to -1°F, our BT-955 is a glycol-based belt de-icer blend of freeze point–depressant side-release agents that restrain the cohesive bonds between wet material and cold conveyor belt surfaces.

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