Conveyor Belt Support

Benetech offers several products for superior conveyor belt support.

Simple Slide Idler

Benetech’s Simple Slide Idler features roller frames that slide into place without the need to raise the belt or remove adjacent idlers, resulting in easy maintenance and greater safety. In addition, the frames’ compact size allows for placement even in confined spaces, ensuring you have the belt support you need.

Rated CEMA  C, D, or E, the Simple Slide Idler is available with standard or wide-base roller frames. The frames require only 8” (200mm) of width when 6” rollers (150mm) are used.

The Simple Slide Idler also uses either impact or steel rolls and comes in any belt width and troughing angle.

Warrior Impact Bed

Protection guaranteed. The Warrior Impact Bed includes a sturdy steel frame that stabilizes and supports the conveyor belt during loading, defending it from damage. In addition, the Warrior’s stiff, rigid frame and soft rubber bars cushion the belt and absorb impact.

The Warrior Impact Bed also offers ‘fine-tune’ wing adjustment for optimum sealing, as well as wings and center sections that slide in and out for easy access. Plus, impact bar change-outs are quick, keeping downtime to a minimum. The result is longer belt life, no spillage, and lower operations and maintenance costs.

The Warrior Impact Bed meets CEMA design standards No. 502-1998 and 575-2000.

Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed

The Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed creates a seamless seal that helps eliminate dust and spillage in the load zone. The support bed uses low-friction slider bars on the wing sections and rollers in the center, minimizing belt drag while providing vital support at the edges. In addition, the adjustable wing sections ensure a flat, level surface for the conveyor belt and the load zone, allowing the sealing system to perform its best.

Easy to install and maintain and fit trough angles, the Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed increases skirtboard life, removes gaps between the skirtboard and seal, and stops crimping of interior skirt liners.

The Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed can include center standard or impact rollers. Typical bars and beds are 48” (1200mm). Custom lengths also are available.

We’re ready to assist you with optimal conveyor belt support for your transfer point solutions. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.

Disassembled view of a belt support and containment system.