Problems with the material flow can range from limited flow to none. The degree of flow reduction determines if the resulting material conveyance issue is a maintenance headache or the cause for significant unit derating.

In either case, Benetech’s Flow Enhancement Chemicals improve material flow. These agents restore the granular characteristics to wet and sticky material and weaken the crystal structure of ice in frozen materials, helping ensure optimal movement.

Freeze Conditioning Agents

Harsh temperatures resulting in frozen material and equipment can halt operations. Benetech Freeze Conditioning Agents provide a solution to possible breaks in production.

Each winter season, industries confront having to unload and handle frozen coal, coke, and other materials. Freezing in loaded rail cars, bunkers, and conveying equipment can create higher labor and maintenance costs, as well as expensive demurrage. In addition, when frozen, a material with as little as 6% surface moisture can cohere so strongly that special handling is needed to break up the mass.

Benetech’s freeze conditioning agents use advanced chemistry to modify and weaken ice, so it readily fractures. Formulated to work as both freeze control conditioning agents and dust control agents, these products also hold fugitive dust particles on coal surfaces to reduce dusting when off-loading and handling under even the harshest conditions.

Freeze Conditioning Systems

Material Coal Flow Enhancer (BT-CFE)

Benetech’s BT-CFE is a specially formulated aqueous polymer product that keeps wet material moving in transfer chutes and silos. It disrupts the capillary bridging effect of wet materials and provides lubricity to reduce friction that impedes their flow.

By restoring the flow characteristics of granular materials, BT-CFE offers a cost-effective reduction of clogged chutes, bunkers, feeders, mills, and transfer points in the handling system. It also requires less equipment modification than mechanical devices.

BT-CFE can be applied as a full-body treatment to the bulk of the material or as a spot solution in specific trouble areas. It also can be used with most standard dust control systems.

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