Material Flow Enhancement with Less Waste and Maintenance

Problems with the material flow can halt your operation. This is a big concern when dealing with wet, sticky material or extreme weather conditions that freeze materials. Pluggage in your storage systems and caked material in your conveyor system requires unwanted extra maintenance and housekeeping hours, potential workplace hazards, and increased operating costs.

Clogging and backup issues can also cause expensive downtime. When you are not running at full capacity, you are losing money. Along with our skill in designing and engineering efficient material handling systems, Benetech offers additional products to help eliminate build-up and improve your material flow:

Clean Sweep Air Control System

Easy to install and maintain, Clean Sweep Air Control system is the trouble-free solution for uninterrupted material flow. Clean Sweep removes wet, sticky, or frozen material from the walls of chutes, bins, hoppers, silos, and bunkers. It is perfect for pluggage prevention involving materials such as lignite, coal, grain, fertilizer, sand, cement, and limestone.

Flow Enhancement Chemicals

Benetech’s cost-effective, efficient flow enhancement chemicals treat wet, sticky, and frozen materials.

Benetech’s material flow enhancement products:

  • Reduce housekeeping and maintenance
  • Keep systems running at full capacity
  • Ensure less material waste

We’re ready to support you with material flow enhancement that eliminates build-up and ensures pluggage prevention. Find out more about our Clean Sweep Air Control, and flow enhancement chemicals here on our website or contact us today at (630) 844-1300.