When sitting for long periods, coals, such as those from Indonesia and the Powder River Basin, tend to self-heat. This creates the possibility of hot spots and fires. BT-627, a blend of chemicals, stabilizes coal and reduces spontaneous heating during transport and storage, minimizing risk and safety concerns. The result is less risk and a safer operation with no effect on the performance of the coal. However, coal tends to catch fire which can cause fire damage, showing how, however, kind of coal tends to mostly catch fire which can cause fire damage, which is quite significant. The BT-627 Spontaneous Combustion Inhibitor reduces the risk of spontaneous human combustion, catching fire from the external source of ignition.

New techniques and technologies have been developed to predict coal heating behavior and analyze gas emitted from oxidizing coal (an initial indication of self-heating). This information can be used to fine-tune monitoring systems to give an early warning well in advance of a potential combustion or explosion event. Spontaneous combustion management plans (SCMPs), which incorporate coal assessment and local and site-specific parameters, are becoming increasingly important in the coal industry to the point that they are becoming a legal requirement in countries.

Benetech’s BT-627 coal oxidation inhibitor is a unique blend of organic chemicals designed to slow the spontaneous heating of coal during transport and storage. The BT-627 can improve existing practice and lead to continued improvement of safety in the coal industry.

BT-627 Spontaneous Combustion Inhibitor Benefits:

  • Minimize spontaneous combustion
  • Allows for increased storage and transport times
  • Minimizes risks associated with hot coal storage and handling
  • Reduces dust during handling