Conveyor Belt Guards for Greater Safety

Conveyor belt guard

Staff at bulk material–handling plants spend notable time near moving machinery parts and material flow. Benetech helps you protect your employees from moving parts and pinch points on the conveyor with conveyor belt guarding, especially around tail-pulley sections and gravity take-ups.

Benetech’s customized, self-supporting conveyor belt guards are easy to install. They require no welding or cutting, and their modular bolt-together design makes the set-up simple.

They are equally easy to maintain, as well as built to last. Should staff need to access equipment, they can remove the conveyor belt guards in seconds with ergonomically friendly handles. Heavy-duty steel construction and powder coating further add to extra years of use for your facility.

Other ergonomic design features and additional options for your conveyor belt guarding include:

  • Wedge Clamps: Eliminate the repetitive motion of tightening and loosening fasteners
  • Access Doors: Gain full entry to key areas (while following proper procedures)
  • Service Doors: Access smaller areas for inspection or maintenance (while following proper procedures)
  • Weight Labels: Create a visual cue of the conveyor belt guard weight before you lift
  • Laser-Cut ID: Easily reference equipment when performing maintenance tasks
  • Signs: Reinforce safety with attention-drawing visual messages
  • Mesh Design: Inspect your conveyor system with visibility that lets you leave the guards in place

OSHA and MSHA Compliance

OSHA (1910) and MSHA (30 CRF 56/57) guidelines address the safety of employees who work with or are near machinery and moving machine parts.

Both organizations require the safeguarding of any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury. If the operation of a machine or accidental contact with it can harm the operator or others nearby, the hazards must be controlled or eliminated.

Barrier guards are examples of machine-guarding methods. Guarding devices need to be designed and constructed to prevent operators from having any parts of their bodies in the danger zone during the operating cycle. Whenever possible, machine design should also allow routine lubrication and adjustment without removing the guards.

By keeping your workers safely away from danger zones and pinch points, Benetech conveyor belt guarding helps you comply with both OSHA and MSHA safety standards.

Get Started on Greater Safety Today

The well-being and availability of your staff are vital to your operation. Find out more about how our conveyor belt guards protect both employees and production for your bulk material handling. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.

Benetech conveyor belt guards are available in diverse sizes for adapting to your system.

Size Weight
24″ x 50″ 26.1 lbs
30″ x 50″ 29.4 lbs
36″ x 50″ 32.7 lbs
24″ x 60″ 33.1 lbs
30″ x 60″ 37.6 lbs
36″ x 60″ 42.0 lbs
24″ x 72″ 38.0 lbs
30″ x 72″ 42.9 lbs
36″ x 72″ 47.5 lbs