Benetech’s Plant Professionals deliver proven solutions that reduce O&M costs and lower risk profiles. We identify and quantify risks with programs that deliver sustainable mitigation results. Leveraging an impressive 880 combined years of operational, engineering, and technology expertise makes our risk reduction process best-in-class.

Using our Safe + Process, our risk reduction procedures include:

  • Risk assessment of your operational and maintenance processes, with full documentation that identifies each process step
  • Working with your staff to identify and prioritize hazard spots
  • Exposing areas that are lacking in risk controls
  • Training staff and implementing “best-in-class” processes

On a more strategic level, P2 can develop and maintain risk profiles to keep your operation safe and up-to-date with current compliance mandates.

Intimate experience and knowledge with the following technologies and their integration within a plant.

  • Transfer systems
  • Washdown systems
  • Dust reduction/suppression programs
  • Dust collection
  • Fire protection
  • Personnel culture changes through training and education
  • Documentation and procedure generation