Powerful and Innovative Dust Control, Odor Control & Facility Disinfection

Benetech offers efficient solutions to the challenges you face at your plant. Our dust abatement turbines give you greater command of dust control, odor control, and facility disinfection.

Dust Abatement & Dust Suppression

Benetech’s dust abatement turbines create a fine mist by atomizing water into tiny droplets of different sizes depending on the challenge you’re solving.

The droplets dampen the dust, making it heavier and forcing it to the ground. Their tiny size is integral to the abatement process. If the droplets are too big, such as those from a conventional hose, the dust abatement or suppression will be inefficient because the available water surface is smaller, and the drops are heavier. The droplets’ greater weight also keeps them in the air for only a short time, significantly reducing their dust-binding potential.

Conversely, atomizing the water into very small droplets creates a larger surface area. This is ideal for binding the dust particles because more dust can be dampened with less water, and the droplets can remain in the air longer.

Odor Control

Unpleasant odors are encountered mainly in recycling and composting plants. Combating an odor requires more than simply masking the smell; the molecules causing it must also be eliminated. The turbines’ misting technology lets the droplets bind with the molecules of each odor to remove it.

Disinfection of Outdoor and Indoor Areas

Regular facility disinfection is the only way to ensure your working areas are free of harmful microorganisms. Dust abatement turbines achieve this by allowing you to distribute disinfectants both indoors and over large, open surface areas.

Applying the water-mist principle, the disinfectant is atomized to create tiny droplets that settle on all surfaces, cleaning them of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The mist’s slow sedimentation speed lets it penetrate hidden corners as well.

Because this process uses such a small amount of liquid, it is efficient and convenient in indoor areas.

Available Dust Abatement Systems

V7 – The Dust Controller for Medium Throwing Distances

dust control and abatementThe nozzle head of the V7 is installed axially in the turbine to give it a much higher throwing distance than comparable nozzle configurations’. The V7 also offers a three-stage water flow, and thanks to the booster pump, the nozzle head can be used with the turbine switched off.

  • Special nozzles with ceramic insert arranged out of phase
  • Vertical pump with pressure monitoring and automatic emptying for the correct water pressure; easily accessible and quick-cleaning water filter
  • Available with heating for winter use
  • Water-amount control on three levels (water flow: 16 –100 L/m)
  • Installation on various mobile or fixed units

(New) V22 – The Dust Controller for Large Throwing Distances

dust abatement and controlThe nozzle head and the externally mounted nozzle ring produce a fine water mist that binds the dust particles and prevents them from spreading. The casting distance of the inside nozzle head can be extended to a narrower range by switching off the turbine. The inclination angle can also be adjusted from -18° to +40° with the user-friendly remote control. You can further set a range of 350° automatically.

  • Smaller and more compact than its predecessor
  • Much faster tilt; increased incline angle (up to -18°)
  • Better pump efficiency (consumes only 11 kW and atomizes more water)
  • Installation on various mobile and fixed units
  • Available with heating for winter use
  • Available version for working with saltwater

H1 System – Custom-Made for Combating Dust & Odor

The H1 is a versatile high-pressure misting system for controlling dust and odor. Its flexible modular design can adapt to what you need (degree of emission, place of use, amount, and properties of dust/odor). The installation also requires little effort, saves space, and allows for direct operation at the source of the dust.

First developed for dust control, the system established itself as an effective odor control method through the years. Since the H1 can be adapted to all situations, many customers combine the dust and odor control functions where needed.

  • Modular design for flexible applications
  • Small, simple nozzles and leads for quick, cost-effective installation at the dust source
  • Full automation with little maintenance depending on the design
  • Automatic switch-off in the absence of dust
  • Adaptable use for both open storage areas and enclosed spaces
  • Innovative atomization technology that binds dust with minimal water for a maximum result (energy efficiency, no water puddles)
  • Possible operation through a local point of control

CURT – Management Software

CURT (Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines) is a monitoring and control system for dust and odor controller machinery. Conveniently accessible with a PC, the software manages machines in real-time with the simple click of a mouse. If certain operating processes usually generate dust and odors, the times and modes for system activation and deactivation can be set based on several inputs. Dust abatement and odor control are no longer the workers’ responsibility but rather an automatic action with high energy efficiency.

Rotary Atomizer

rotary atomizer
The Rotary Atomizer device is a revolutionary odor control and dust abatement solution that uses a rotating metal-gauze cylinder to create droplets of uniform size (monodispersed). The Atomizer injects water into the cylinder head spinning at 12,000 rpm, which divides the liquid into an incredible 900 billion droplets per gallon. The device also gives a linear spray of 60 to 90 feet. It is available as either non-oscillating (static mount) or oscillating (180-degree sweep).

  • Mobile
    • If you have an odor or dust issue onsite (e.g., landfi­ll) where power or water is not readily available, the mobile unit can be quickly towed to the required location. It is fully self-sufficient with its own water and power supply and can handle any terrain.
  • Floor Mounted
    • An eight-foot stand-alone unit secured with bolts or clamps to a concrete base or similar ­fixed-level surface; can be located internally or externally for odor and dust control.
  • Wall Mounted
    • Secured to walls by either bolts or clamps

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