Barge cargo loading system.

International trade is a large ingredient of our global economy. Therefore, ensuring that your industrial ports and terminals are running efficiently is extremely important to your overall operation. However, this can be difficult when dealing with barges, ships, and railcars carrying various products and materials. The result is a complex set of conveyor belts traveling long distances. In addition, port and Terminal facilities face operational challenges related to dust and spillage control.  These events will cause environmental risks due to contamination of waterways and land, contributing to increased housekeeping maintenance costs instead of the potential for significant government levies and fines. The fugitive dust and spillage also affect the safety of your employees, which is always a top priority. And finally, loss of material hits your bottom line. If it cannot be reintroduced onto the belt, it is lost income.

Benetech’s line of comprehensive Total Dust Management (TDM®) products is specially designed to perform over long distances and handle many products. Our team of experts stands ready to help you optimize the efficiency of your loading, unloading, and transfer points, as well as ensure your system has the belt support it needs from starting point to the endpoint, no matter how far that may be.

Whether it is a belt tracking issue resulting in spillage, a dated load chute that is not center loading, or a transfer area that is not providing proper containment of the material, Benetech’s Total Dust Management Technologies will eliminate these problems and substantially reduce operational risk while enabling your facility to transfer materials effectively, efficiently and safely.

  • Decrease carryback
  • Reduce airborne dust
  • Enhance safety
  • Increase equipment performance and reliability
  • Increase wearliner life


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Port and Terminal material handling systems are essential to the operation. To keep up with global demand, you cannot afford to run the risk of unexpected downtime and excessive maintenance. Further secure your conveying system and dust control. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist and see how our integrated services and technologies can help improve your operation by reducing dust, preventing spillage, improving material flow, and ensuring compliance.


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