MaxZone Plus

MaxZone Plus® – Conveyor Loading Re-Alignment Technology

A low-cost solution to combat off-center conveyor loading without costly chute redesign

Benetech understands the difficulties of fugitive dust and spillage from poorly designed transfer points and load zones. The underlying issue is often a misaligned transfer point chute creating a flawed material transition onto the receiving belt.

Improper or off-center loading can lead to several problems. First, when the material is loaded to either side of the belt, it creates excessive spillage and dust and threatens to mistrack it fully. Mistracking can then damage the conveyor; cause uneven wear; make the motor work harder, and even create safety issues. These potential downsides frequently result in costly maintenance, housekeeping, and material loss.

Although these problems should be addressed, time and budget constraints do not always allow for engineered load zone chute replacement, which is the best option to solve most conveyor material-flow issues. To overcome this, Benetech has developed a new low-cost solution to combat off-center conveyor loading without costly chute redesign: the MaxZone Plus® system.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable side kicker plates and deflector for improved material loading to center properly with a smoother transition onto the moving belt
  • Removable side panels for height adjustment based on load zone chute needs
  • Less dust and spillage from load zones
  • Compatibility with Benetech’s XN Liner®

Liner Material Options

  • 1/4 on 1/4 Chrome Carbide
  • 3/8 on 3/8 Chrome Carbide
  • AR 400 Liner
  • Others available on request

How does the MaxZone Plus® work?

The adjustable side kicker plates and de­flector move material forward onto the conveyor belt to correctly center load the material for a smoother transition onto the moving belt. With 6” removable side panels to accommodate chute configuration, the MaxZone Plus® can be installed easily into an existing Benetech MaxZone® and retrofitted to other containment systems.

MaxZone Plus

removable side panels


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