Conveyor Belt TrackingConveyor belt roller with tracking grooves

Used widely in mining and other conveyor-related industries, these reliable, highly reactive conveyor belt trackers continually outperform others on the market.

Because they are made to operate under demanding conditions, the Benetech trackers prevent belt and structural damage caused by frame and guide rollers. The result is more savings and less downtime.

Plus, the brains of the system are housed in the roller and cannot wear, so the trackers’ function will not fade over time.

The Benetech trackers accommodate conveyor belts ranging from 450mm to 2600mm in width.

Benetech Tracker   

  • Saves money
  • Prevents belt and structural damage
  • Reduces downtime

Widely used in the mining industry and other conveyor-related industries, the Benetech Tracker responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt and does so without special modifications to the structure.

Frame and guide rollers are often the cause of belt damage, which reduces the lifetime of the belt. The Benetech Tracker requires no maintenance and fits into a standard drop bracket. The Benetech Tracker can be manufactured to suit all belt sizes in operation in any country.  Special design requirements, such as specific shaft dimensions and lengths, are possible at little or no additional charge.

The Benetech Tracker is a belt-centralizing return pulley made of precision-turned components. Its patented design provides maximum belt tracking performance with an internal pivot module that keeps the shaft rotating to suit the conveyor belt direction.

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the Benetech Tracker features special hardened steels and other alloys for optimal performance and longevity. It can be fully refurbished for about half the cost of a new unit as well.

Each Benetech Tracker order also includes the new Benetech Pressure Control Brackets. The brackets prevent overloading of the shaft; maintain the correct pressure between the training idler and the conveyor belt; suit the tracker size and series with individual grading, and adjust pressure easily with a bolt from below.

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Benetech Troughing Tracker

Automatically Responds to Small Misalignments

Uncomplicated Setup and Installation

Benetech Troughing Tracker has been designed to fit into standard SABS 1313-1:1999, CEMA & DIN standards, depending on your requirements.

Suits a Wide Range of Belt Sizes

Available in 3-roller or roller systems, conveyor belts ranging in width from 450mm to 2600mm and any inclination angle you require; 35º and 45º being the most popular.

Extreme Environments

Special hardened steels and precision machining, and Robotic Mig welding are used to manufacture the Benetech Troughing Tracker frames. In addition, the frame and steering rollers can handle belt edge damage and bulky loads.

Contributes to Conveyor Belt Life Span

Immediate and better belt steering attributes prevent damage to other systems that work on the troughing side of a belt (for example, samplers and belt scales) and reduce belt damage.

Cost-Effective Operations

The Benetech Troughing Tracker prevents spillage and decreases labor clean-up costs and downtime. In addition, low maintenance requirements mean that your team can concentrate on other production and operational issues.

Immediate Response to Belt Misalignment

The Benetech Troughing Tracker is a fully mechanical pivot and tilt frame that responds to the smallest belt misalignment, gently guiding the belt back to the center of the frame. Up to 50 meters of the belt can be corrected with a single roughing frame.

Business and Operational Confidence

The Benetech Troughing Tracker enhanced design provides incremental adjustments to the load-carrying side of the conveyor belt. Its independent mechanical frame components allow it to instantly adapt to the belt to correct even the slightest misalignment in the conveyor’s troughing section. It gently guides the belt back to the center of the frame, keeping it on track and ready to meet delivery requirements.

The Benetech Troughing Tracker’s function is simple, and its performance is immediate. It requires no more maintenance than standard idler frames and can withstand the most challenging mining environments.

Easy to set up and install, the Benetech Troughing Tracker will accommodate any inclination angle you need.

Competitive pricing and high levels of service ensure that personnel commissioned to manage a conveyor belt system can access products and advice when they need them. In addition, all Benetech Troughing Tracker products are supplied with a 1-year warranty.

  • Robust frame designed to last longer in the toughest of environments.
  • Standard frame with SABS/CEMA/DIN measured mounting holes ensures quick, uncomplicated installation.
  • Little or no maintenance.
  • Highest performance rollers designed to endure extreme conditions.
  • Steering occurs through the unique pivot and tilt mechanism of the frame, not by conventional sidearm roller frames that are ineffective and often cause more damage.

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Benetech Reversible Tracker

Belt Centralizing Return Pulley

Quick and Easy Installation

Designed to fit into SABS1313, CEMA, and DIN conveyor systems.

Uncomplicated Setup and Adjustment

Rollers can be easily adjusted within existing frames to ensure maximum conveyor belt performance, using the pre-fitted brackets on the Benetech Reversible Tracker.

Customized Sizes

Special design requirements, such as specific shaft dimensions and lengths, can be manufactured at little or no additional charge.

Designed to Last

Special hardened steels and precision machining are used to manufacture the roller’s inner components and ensure a well-sealed bearing unit. Coupled
with corrosion and wear-resistant materials, the Benetech Reversible Tracker is designed to be durable and effective, even under extreme conditions.

Contributes to Conveyor Belt Life Span

Correctly installed, the Benetech Reversible Tracker will instantly correct belt misalignment on the return side of the belt, thus preventing belt edge damage and structural damage from occurring.

Cost-Effective Operations

Benetech Reversible Trackers will decrease downtime and maintenance and are designed to ensure absolute peace of mind. Reliable access to replacement products and expert advice means that your conveyor belt system can perform optimally with little maintenance.

Belt Centralizing Return Pulley

Reversible conveyors pose a significant challenge with belt misalignment. Unlike unidirectional belts, where adjusting pulleys and frames can straighten some belt misalignment, reversible belts cannot be corrected. Any adjustments to fix misalignment in the forward direction become the problem area when the conveyor belt is reversed.

The Benetech Reversible Tracker solves this issue by pivoting the shaft in the belt’s direction of travel. The unit includes a unique bracket and inspection cover that lets you see the shaft has rotated in line with the belt direction. It also allows you to adjust the Benetech Reversible Tracker roller to ensure optimal contact pressure between it and the belt.

We’re ready to support you with the belt tracking you need for steady production. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.

Reversible conveyors pose a significant challenge in terms of belt misalignment. Unlike uni-directional belts, where it is possible to achieve some belt misalignment correction through the adjustment of pulley and frames, reversible belts cannot be corrected as any adjustments made to correct misalignment in the forward direction become the very problem areas the belt is reversed. Benetech has developed the Reversible Tracker to address this issue.

Building on the return idler’s knowledge and function, we have produced a belt tracking return roller that delivers exceptional performance for reversible belts. We achieve this by pivoting the shaft in the direction of belt travel. In addition, the unit comes with a unique bracket and inspection cover that allows one to see that the shaft has rotated in line with the belt direction and allows for adjustment of the roller to ensure optimal contact pressure between the belt and Reversible Tracker.

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