Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions: Specialty Cleaners

Benetech’s conveyor belt cleaning systems include several specialty cleaners.

Motorized Brush Cleaner

Grooved, ribbed, and chevron conveyor belts pose unique challenges to efficient belt cleaning and carryback prevention. Designed with these types of belts in mind, Benetech’s Motorized Brush Cleaner is an ideal solution to prevent fines and residue from becoming trapped in recessed areas that typical blade-type cleaners cannot reach.

  • Rubber bristles to remove any residual material on the belt, even in hard-to-reach recessed areas
  • Quick and simple installation, maintenance, and brush replacements
  • Works only when the belt is moving and the motor turns the cleaner opposite the belt direction for optimal cleaning
  • Cleaner bar makes the assembly self-cleaning, and reversibility extends wear life
  • Installed with a one or two-horsepower motor, depending on your operation, with minimal power consumption
  • In-line drive shaft and cleaner bar design allow for easier sealing when installed in an enclosure

Plow/Plough Cleaners

Diagonal plow is a specialty belt scraper that crosses the belt at an angle.

Material that gets pinched between the belt and the return pulley can cause the belt to break. Diagonal Plows and V-Plows are excellent conveyor belt cleaning solutions for removing the material before the belt reaches the return pulley.

Diagonal Plow

Diagonal plow cleaner, a belt scraper designed for applications where pinching is an issue.

  • Keeps the return pulley and bottom cover of the belt free of stray material
  • Removes damaging material and can discharge from either side of the conveyor
  • Includes either rubber or polyurethane conveyor belt scraper blades
  • Endures even the harshest conditions
  • Uses double steel cables for extra safety

V Plow

V-Plow is a V-shaped belt scraper.

  • Features a single 4” tall rubber blade with easy bolt-in blade replacement
  • Attaches to the mounting pole at two points with a third point connected to a height-adjustment arm for fine-tuning installation
  • Includes wire safety cable for added protection
  • Applies a floating blade design to ensure the blade remains to ride on the conveyor belt

We’re ready to assist you with the right specialty conveyor belt cleaning solution for your material handling. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.