MaxZone conveyor systemConveyor Belt Transfer Chutes and Load Zone Support Systems:

Mastering Mechanical Conveyance

A bulk material handler looks to achieve the challenging balance among new-asset investment expenses, operating and maintenance costs, and risk mitigation. To prioritize asset allocation, more companies are implementing capital investment and budget-allocation strategies. However, plants must apply approach to all areas to pursue a competitive edge and a more significant margin. Overlooking even minor deficiencies can lead to lost resources.

While many material handlers have met their operational challenges, mechanical conveying processes often require extra maintenance, labor, and material spillage. This, in turn, increases exposure to risks. Material transfer points, in particular, have been a drain on O&M costs, especially those concerning clean-up.

Benetech, Inc. specializes in solving your load zone issues. Our advanced conveyor belt transfer chutes and MaxZone modular skirtboard and conveyor belt load zone support system eliminate built-in, long-term transfer point problems such as pluggage, spillage, and fugitive dust. As a result, you save more on O&M while reducing your risk and providing a cleaner, safer workplace.

Engineered Conveyor Belt Transfer Chutes

Benetech applies advanced engineering technologies and years of experience to enhance your material flow. For example, our engineered conveyor belt transfer chutes minimize pluggage, spillage, and airborne dust, as well as excessive energy use. They also reduce high-impact areas for longer belt life and more significant intervals between service and maintenance.

The transfer chutes are designed and tested to perform for all transfer applications. After evaluating your processing needs, our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) chute team will design, fabricate and install a custom material handling solution to your exact requirements, including unique transfer chutes for your transfer tower cascade conveyors and post-crusher load zones.

Our conveyor belt transfer chutes are a crucial component of our patented InteliFlo® load chute with the patented J-Glide® discharge. InteliFlo’s design helps prevent the generation of dust rather than just passively trying to control it. Its distinctive round chute design replaces a traditional chute’s square corners, maximizing material flow while dramatically reducing dangerous and costly build-up and spillage.

The J-Glide allows for adjustable vertical loading to suit various fuel types and environmental conditions by changing material speed through the transfer. Flexible horizontal loading likewise works to ensure improved center loading of the belt.

MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard and Conveyor Belt Load Zone Support System

When budget and time constraints rule out a complete system replacement, Benetech’s MaxZone modular skirtboard and conveyor belt load zone support system provide your economic transfer point. The system’s modular design lets you replace components without special permits or extended shutdowns. The system also can be retrofitted to an existing system for sealing and protecting your load zone.

System installation is affordable and straightforward, and no welding is required. Premier dust and spillage control technologies help keep your operation safe and clean as well.

Benetech’s conveyor belt load zone support system includes robust impact beds to protect your belt from falling material that can cause severe damage and, as a result, lost production and costly belt repairs or replacement. Impact beds also contribute to vital dust and spillage control. Benetech’s conveyor belt load zone support systems feature options such as roller beds for high-speed belts and high-tonnage and heavy-duty impact beds for even extreme conditions.

Keeping your belt tracked and centered is likewise crucial to your conveyor belt load zone support system. Used widely in conveyor-related industries such as mining, our Benetech trainers respond instantly to belt misalignment without special modifications to the structure. The resulting conveyor containment reduces fugitive dust, prevents product loss and spillage, and adds to greater safety.

Make Mechanical Conveyance an Operational Asset

Benetech is your innovative and efficient partner in conveyor belt transfer chutes and load zone support systems that help keep production steady and profitable. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a specialist about the material transfer–point solution you need for your business.

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