Making Maintenance Quicker and Easier

Biomass stackout pile with dust suppression system

Bulk material handlers know the importance of consistent periodic maintenance:

  • Fewer mechanical issues
  • Longer life of equipment
  • Greater system performance
  • Employee and customer safety
  • Avoidance of unplanned downtime
  • More control over timing of maintenance
  • Less loss of product
  • More-consistent production schedules
  • Fewer missed deadlines

Optimal maintenance depends on convenient access to the conveyor chute and skirt box system for inspection and clean-out. However, in many operations, system inspection requires removing the door slowly, bolt by bolt – and then putting it back on the same way.

The process takes a significant amount of time and discourages workers from doing routine inspections. On top of that, each removal can let material leak and spill, creating even more clean-up.

Such hassle then begins to work against the operation. When you and your personnel know that access through the door is troublesome, proper maintenance and production becomes compromised.

If your conveyor chute inspection door still creates challenges, the good news is you have a solution.

Inspection Doors for the Access You Need

Heavy-duty, dust-tight Benetech inspection doors provide you with effortless entry to your conveyor chute and load zone systems. They are also easy to install with a basic cut-and-weld or bolt-on process.

Once the doors are in place, you benefit from the advantages right away:

  • Innovative door-deflector panel for less material build-up on the door seal
  •  Grease fitting on pinned hinges for no play or locking up
  •  Resilient door seals hidden in the groove for long-lasting service
  •  Ergonomic cam-action and never-seize closing latches with adjustable tension
  •  Handles that are separate from the latches and do not bend

The dust-tight conveyor chute inspection doors are available in both standard and custom sizes of safety-yellow mild steel with an unlined deflector panel. You can also customize the door with:

  • Single- or double-door styles
  • No deflector panel
  • Stainless steel
  • Plugged-chute sensor cutout
  • AR400 lined deflector panel for wear protection
  • Protection screen

Specialty Inspection Doors

Specialty doors can adapt to particular requirements you might have.

Distinctly designed to seal flush with an adjoining curved surface, Benetech’s curved inspection door allows for easy access to a screw conveyor system or any other U-shaped structure. The door is bolt-free as well, so stripping is not a concern.

Benetech also designs crusher inspection doors that withstand the intense impacts that often cause door distortion and loosening as well as weakening seals. Multiple clamping locations across the inspection door ensure a dust-tight fit. Alignment pins opposite the hinge further keep the seals aligned and the door weight fully supported.

Upgrade Your Maintenance Ability Now

Easy installation for trouble-free access to the conveyor; a dust-tight seal; less material spillage; greater control of airborne dust: These are assets we all need for both serving our customers and supporting our employees. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to further discuss dust-tight conveyor chute inspection doors and specialty doors for your operation.

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