Project Payback

  • Reduced Dust Generation
  • Reduced Spillage
  • Reduced Maintenance Time/Cost
  • Improved Safety of Plant
  • Extended Belt and Liner Wear Life
  • Eliminate Pluggage


A North American pulp mill was having significant dust and spillage issues with old worn out transfer chutes. The existing chutes were not built with combustible dust containment in mind and did not control material flow. As a result, the plant was experiencing significant dust, spillage and pluggage issues. The uncontrolled material was causing short belt life and other equipment issues. On top of efficiency concerns, the plant wanted to reduce combustible dust issues and was determined to improve the safety of their operation. Benetech partnered with the plant to assess the situation and provide an engineered solution that would control the material flow and alleviate the spillage and dust generation issues while extending belt life and creating a safer work environment.

Existing Problems

  • High dust generation from transfers and loadzones
  • Extreme spillage and material carryback
  • High level of manpower required to maintain/clean systems
  • Premature wear of belts and other equipment
  • Risks of fires and explosions due to combustible dust build-up

Benetech Solution

Benetech provided the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the leading chute technology Advance Transfer System, including the MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard system, to improve material flow and reduce dusting. In addition, best-in-class conveyor components were used to prevent spillage and carryback.  To ensure sustainable results, training was provided for proper maintenance and upkeep.

Project Scope:

Head Chute Design

  • Several inspection doors incorporated to allow for easy inspection of chute surfaces and belt cleaners
  • Material flow diverter supplied and positioned to allow for center flow through the chute work and into the scalper
  • Designed to introduce material removed by the belt cleaners back into main flow vs. spilling on the floor
  • Long lasting, high performing belt cleaners installed

Transfer Chute

  • Low impact angels added to chute
  • More concentrated flow to reduce induced air and dusting
  • Inspection doors incorporated

LoadZone Chutework and Skirtboards

  • Patented round InteliFlo® chute design with J-Glide® smooth loading chute
  • Benetech patented MaxZone® Load Zone System including:
    • Quick release clamp bar and double lip seal
    • Patented XN® Wear liner System
    • CEMA recommended lengths of skirtboard
    • Inspection Door-Tailbox
    • Baffles to decrease dust generation

Project Success:

  • Material flow is now controlled, drastically reducing dust generation
  • Spillage is drastically reduced
  • Increase in belt and chute life
  • Reduction of plant maintenance expenditures
  • Overall safety of operation has improved significantly
Before After
image013 image015 Before: Original, box style, hard to access chute.

After: Low impact angles, concentrated flow and easy access inspection doors.

image017 image019 Before: No control of material- allows the chips to fall uncontrollably and crate an abundance of dust.

After: Engineered Chute streamlines the chips onto the conveyor belt in a controlled manner-reducing dust and spillage.

image021 image023 Before: Original Load Zone with many dust and spillage issues.

After: MaxZone® modular skirtboard system with XN external access, internal liner and B+ double lip seal for easy maintenance and spillage prevention.

image025 End Result: Little to NO Dust, Spillage or Carryback!

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