Ash Conditioning Dust Control at Pulp & Paper Facility


A Western United States pulp and paper facility was experiencing dusting issues during its ash conditioning process. The current handling system utilized a series of screw conveyors to move the ash to a discharge point at the rate of 12 tons per hour. The discharging ash has a ten-foot vertical drop to the receiving trucks. The transfer process produces extreme amounts of hazardous dust. The system needs modification reducing the amount of dust produced while discharging to the trucks and improving the operation’s safety existing problems.

  • Ash is extremely lightweight and dusty.
  • Lack of fugitive dust control makes work conditions hazardous
  • Requires excessive maintenance due to the dust

The Benetech EPC Approach

  • Ash Dust Suppression System
  •  BT-210W Chemical
  •  Benetech Field Technician Support
  •  The target of 1.5% total moisture addition

Installing spray injection ports in the screw conveyor and controlling dust during ash discharge to properly mix before the material is discharged from the screw conveyor to the receiving truck. This dust suppression system utilizes Benetech’s BT-210W chemical to improve the wetting and mid-term residual dust control during truck loading operations. As a result, the dust levels reduced drastically and created a safer and more efficient work environment.