Benetech ADVANTEDGE™ Conveyor Belt Scraper Blade: Design and Technology for Greater Blade Life and Performance

belt scrapers remove debris from conveyor systemsBulk material handlers who work with hot environments face a frequent challenge: trying to keep the conveyor belt clean with a scraper blade that wears out too soon and creates other problems.

Carryback is but one concern with a conveyor belt scraper that can’t endure conditions. With carryback, residual material clings to the conveyor belt after normal discharge. It is then carried back on the belt as it returns to the tail pulley. The residue can drop off the belt at any point, requiring crews to clean the conveyor’s full length instead of just one spot. This makes carryback even more costly and difficult than transfer point spillage.

Released carryback can build up on idlers as well, causing the belt to mistrack. The uneven accumulation from mistracking leads to more spillage, off-center loading, shortened belt life, excessive clean-up and maintenance costs, unscheduled downtime and safety hazards.

ADVANTEDGE Conveyor Scraper: Problem Solved

Benetech provides the essential conveyor belt cleaner that continues performing without wearing down. Applying state-of-the-art design and technology, the ADVANTEDGE hot pink scraper blade withstands 375°F of steady operating temperature with intermittent spikes up to 450°F.

Our conveyor belt scraper also is compatible with high-heat clinker belts. Replacement belt cleaner blades can retrofit all major cleaner frames as well.

ADVANTEDGE in Action: Texas Cement Plant

Situation: A cement plant in Texas was conveying 150 tons of material per hour from its kilns on high-temperature ethylene propylene material (EPM) conveyor belts. The system never stopped except for maintenance once every three weeks.

With ambient temperatures holding at 300–325ºF and peaks up to 750ºF, the conveyor belt scraper blades could not last even the three weeks between scheduled maintenance. This also led to extra issues such as carryback and belt mistracking.

Having tried almost every high-temperature scraper blade available, the plant operators began to accept they might not find a conveyor belt cleaner that could last. Failing blades, carryback, belt mistracking and extra, costly maintenance became increasing burdens.

Solution: Benetech installed an ADVANTEDGE hot pink scraper blade in the conveyor system to show what just one blade could achieve for proper and lasting belt cleaning.

Customer Result: Since installation, Benetech’s conveyor scrapers have been keeping the belt clean for more than six months, and they’re still going strong. Production efficiency is up while costly complications are down.

Fix Your Belt-Cleaning Issues Starting Now

Produce more without stoppage, spend less time and money on cleaning and maintenance, and increase the life of both your conveyor belt and your scraper blades. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to learn more about the ADVANTEDGE conveyor belt cleaner.

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