QuickSkirt™ for Aggregate Stacking Conveyors

Flip-Up Hinged Panels & Quick-Release Clamps


Benetech’s patent-pending QuickSkirt™ solves problems associated with skirting replacement on stacking conveyors.

Maintenance personnel often find it extremely difficult to access nuts, bolts, and/or screws due to poor load zone design. Additionally, conveyors are stacked on top of each other when being transported, making upper conveyor components elevated above the frame much too restricted to access.

As a result, old skirting doesn’t get replaced as often as it should causing excessive material spillage and damage to conveyors.

Patent-Pending Innovative Design

QuickSkirt Quick-release ClampsQuickSkirt™ solves these problems with its innovative design. A flip-up hinged panel system using Benetech’s quick-release clamps provide tool-free access to efficiently remove old or damaged rubber skirting in 10 minutes or less.

After a simple 2-hour install of QuickSkirt™, skirting replacement time plummets from 1.5 hours to just 10 minutes. That’s a 90% savings in time & labor from just one install!

Features & Benefits

  • Replace old skirting in 10 minutes or less
  • Incredible 90% reduction in maintenance time!
  • Tool-free access – No bolts, nuts, or screws
  • Improves safety – Reduces potential hand, arm, and back injuries

QuickSkirt Load Zone Design

Key Attribute



Flip-up hinged panel design for easy access

Quick-release clamps to secure skirting

Tool-free maintenance

Extended man hours

Risk of injury

10 min. skirting replacement

1.5 hr. skirting replacement



QuickSkirt™ Literature

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