Dust-Tight Inspection Doors

Durable Technology for Safe and Easy Inspection and Clean-Out

Benetech Inspection DoorWhen maintaining your conveyor components and other equipment, you have two main concerns: housekeeping to control build-up and service your belt cleaners and other conveyor belting equipment.

Heavy duty and simple to install, Benetech inspection doors let you achieve both necessary steps safely and efficiently. The door’s distinctive design and technology provide you with the ability for easy inspection and access to service conveyor equipment while keeping a tight seal against airborne dust. Proven technology that helps contain airborne dust while providing easy access for inspection and maintenance.

Benetech’s Inspection Doors allow you to tackle these necessary steps head-on. These easy-to-install doors have a unique design that will enable you full access to service and maintenance while providing a dust-tight seal. Benetech’s Inspection Doors are a proven technology that helps minimize airborne dust and spillage while providing easy access.

An integral part of your material handling system, Benetech inspection doors feature:

  • An innovative door-deflector panel for less material build-up on the door seal
  • Grease fitting on pinned hinges for no play or locking up
  • Resilient door seals are hidden in the groove for long-lasting service
  • Ergonomic cam-action and never-seize closing latches with adjustable tension for suite operation requirements
  • Heavy-duty handles that won’t bend
  • Easy installation with a simple cut-and-weld or bolt-on process
  • Painted safety yellow color

Benetech’s Premium Plus & Premium doors include an optional deflector pan which creates a flat interior surface when the door is closed ensuring less dust accumulation on the frame.

Inspection Doors – Model Variations

1. Premium Plus

Benetech Premium Plus Inspection Door
  • Best performance and savings
  • Greased fittings on pinned hinges
  • “Never seize” latches
  • Patented design
  • Dust-tight seal
  • Wearliner & screen options
  • Custom sizes available

2. Premium

Benetech Premium Inspection Door
  • Incorporates the patented features of the Premium Plus door, but at a reduced price
  • “Never seize” latches
  • Dust-tight seal
  • Wearliner & stainless steel options
  • Custom sizes available

3. Standard

Benetech Standard Inspection Door
  • Most price competitive door for basic performance
  • Dust-tight seal
  • Low-profile design
  • Screen optional
  • Custom sizes available

Common sizes include:

  • 7” x 14”
  • 18” x 24”
  • 12” x 12”
  • 24” x 24”
  • 12” x 18”
  • 24” x 18”
  • 18” x 18”
  • Custom sizes available

Specialty Inspection Doors

Benetech’s Curved Inspection Doors are designed to fit the unique contour of screw conveyor troughs or any U-shaped structure. No bolts, no spillage!

Benetech’s Crusher Inspection Doors are heavy-duty and provide easy access for quick, trouble-free inspections.

Custom sizes are also available.

Custom options for the access doors include:

  • Single or double door styles
  • AR400 lined deflector panel for wear protection
  • Mild or stainless steel
  • Plugged-chute sensor cutout
  • No deflector panel
  • Protection screen

Inspection door with two small latches.

Inspection door with one large latch.

Inspection Doors Literature

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We’re ready to support your bulk material handling needs with the heavy-duty, easy-access conveyor chute inspection door you need for safe inspection and chute clean-out. Contact us today at +1 (630) 844-1300 

*Conveyor chute inspection doors are not recommended for use in applications where the material-flow path may directly impact the door. Lined doors are not intended for use in hopper applications, where the depth of collected material may exceed the installed elevation of the door opening. These access doors should never be installed in any part of a potentially pressurized containment vessel.