Drop & Slide™ Idlers – Unique Retractable Design

Provides full roller replacement from the serviceable side of the conveyor by retracting the opposing side.

Benetech’s patent-pending Drop & Slide™ Idlers incorporate a retractable side support roller unit designed to provide full access from a conveyor’s serviceable side.

The unique design of this idler allows it to be installed where one side of the conveyor system may have very limited or no access thus preventing normal idler maintenance.

Drop & Slide-CloseupAfter removal of the “near side” and “center” rollers, the “far side” roller is lowered into a horizontal position using a lead screw. Then in a retracted position, the “far side” roller unit simply slides out from underneath the existing conveyor belt allowing for easy roller inspection or replacement.

  • Great for constricted or partially blocked conveyor systems, such as, next to a wall or catwalk
  • Most commonly placed in transfer point or load zone areas, but can be used anywhere on the carrying side of the conveyor belt
  • Allows workers to stay in confined spaces for shorter periods of time

One-Person Serviceability – The Benetech Drop & Slide™ Idler can be completely dismantled, inspected, and serviced by one person from one side of the conveyor. When retracted, the roller unit slides out from underneath the conveyor belt, allowing easy roller inspection or replacement.

Great in Confined Spaces – Roller Frames only need 8″ (200mm) of width when using 6″ (150mm) rollers.

Easy Installation and Service – There is no need to raise the belt or remove adjacent idlers.

Drop & Slide Idler

Features & Benefits of Drop & Slide™ Idlers

  • One-sided serviceability„
  • Maintenance time significantly reduced„
  • No need to raise belt or remove adjacent idlers to service or replace„
  • Available in 4, 5, 6, and 7 inch rolls„
  • CEMA rating B, C, D, E, or F„
  • Standard or wide base frames
  • Can be installed on any matching Benetech Simple Slide Idler frame.
  •  Compatible with competitor frames


Light-Weight Welded Head

Heavy / No Weld Pressed Head

Bearing: 6204

Bearing: 6304

Double Labyrinth Seal

Triple Labyrinth Seal

Contact Seal Part of External Cap

Contact Seal Not Part of External Cap

Shaft Type: 1018

Shaft Type: 1045

Snap Ring: Locks Bearing & Seals

Tapered Head Design

Flat Head Design

Patent-Pending Drop & Slide™ Idlers



Drop & Slide Idler Literature

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