Bulk material handlers know the importance of a well-built and easy-to-maintain conveyor belt skirting system. The task that faces conveyor belts is tough – they have to remain durable and efficient in transferring bulk materials for long periods. Without proper sealing and support, they can deteriorate sooner than expected, leading to costly, unwanted spillage, interruptions and repairs.

Ideally, your conveyor belt skirting system is sealing a moving belt to keep the material on the belt. However, conveyor belts can tend to not remain sealed after extended time beneath in a loading zone. The belt will notably sag between each idler. The resulting valleys then produce a gap between the belt and the skirtboard material, and material begins to escape.

The good news is that the right conveyor belt sealing and belt support can extend the life, yield and safety of your belts.

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Conveyor Belt Sealing with the Right Material

With today’s bulk material handling plants producing more at higher belt speeds, the demands on the conveyor belt are greater than ever. Operators are discovering that many Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) skirting materials do not hold up between scheduled maintenance, often resulting in more spillage and dust, tracking problems, belt damage and premature idler failure.

To combat the issue, some operations might use wear-resistant materials such as ceramics or hardened steels. Unfortunately, this can create extra problems if the conveyor belt skirting system is too close to the belt surface or in contact with it. What operators need is a long-lasting material that doesn’t require frequent changes and adjustments.

Studies show that skirting materials made with polyurethane provide the optimal friction value, abrasive resistance and tensile strength.

Friction value, the top factor, concerns a material’s potential to transfer heat along skirted areas, which can lead to belt damage. Conveyor belt skirting rubber has a high friction value, making it more likely to abrade and to damage the belt. Conversely, polyurethane has a low friction value (almost two-thirds less than SBR rubber). It abrades less and protects the belt; it also restricts dust that might be trapped under the skirt’s surface.

Tests have shown polyurethane to be 300% more resistant to wear than SBR rubber is. Polyurethane also has proved to have a greater tensile strength than other materials against which it was examined. It has lasted up to 10 times longer, making it ideal for conveyor belt skirting for intensive production at high speeds.

Combined with Benetech’s Quick Release Clamp, our B-Plus Apron Seal with polyurethane provides simple, powerful sealing for superior results in conveyor belt skirting systems. Beyond being durable, it provides two layers of protection for maximum dust and spillage containment. The ease of the system also allows all maintenance to be performed by just one person from the outside – no need for confined entry.

Conveyor Belt Companion Support

Effective belt support goes hand in hand with efficient conveyor belt sealing. By holding the belt up between the idlers, the support bed removes the shock to the belt under the loading zone. This allows the conveyor belt skirting system to stay clamped onto a flat, smooth surface to reduce spillage and seal more material dust.

Benetech, Inc. specializes in conveyor belt load zone support systems. Our design and engineering pack high performance into each support structure to increase output, decrease outages and weaken impact energy and vibrations.

Our conveyor belt support systems incorporate Warrior Impact Beds and Warrior Roll & Guide Beds under each load zone and between load points, as well as Simple Slide Idlers with proper spacing along the conveyor belt as needed. Each component is made for effortless service and maintenance.

Innovative roller designs adapt to high speeds and tonnage, and modular formats allow for easy change-out. Our premium support systems also fortify the undercarriage of the belt running the length of the upper chute for superior dust and spillage control.

Upgrade Your Conveyor Belt Skirting System Today

Benetech’s conveyor belt sealing and support can be either retrofitted or custom-designed for your operation according to your requirements. We’re ready to help you increase profit and production while lowering spillage, outage and downtime. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.


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