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Conveyor systems are central to bulk material handling. You depend on them to move immense amounts of product reliably and efficiently to support your production goals.

At the same time, if left unchecked, spillage from the conveyor creates operational issues, especially around transfer points. As material falls from the carry side of the belt and lands beneath or beside the conveyor, it can develop into safety and compliance problems, generate harmful and combustible fugitive dust, and cross-contaminate other material.

Without proper control, conveyor belt spillage further puts high levels of wear on idlers, pulleys and other system components, which can then cause structural flaws. Housekeeping and maintenance increase, as do replacement parts and equipment costs. Company operating costs are redirected to extra labor, disposal and downtime.

Conveyor spillage control is vital to health, safety, productivity and lower operating costs. As your partner in safe and efficient bulk material handling, Benetech supports you with the conveyor belt spillage solutions you need for your particular system.

Case in Point: Upgrade to Reduce Excessive Cement Conveyor Spillage

Conveyor Belt TrackingSituation: A North American cement facility was contending with extreme spillage and fugitive dust in addition to improper material flow in load zone areas.

A year earlier, the plant had installed a new enclosure on the clinker and cement feed belt (no side walls). Because of the material type, the belt length and the angle of flow at loading, the material was spilling throughout the load zone area and along the extent of the conveyor.

The load zone spillage created material build-up that caused the track take-ups to seize, making the belt mistrack. The spillage along the conveyor length also seized up idlers and tracker trainers. The plant was facing significant material loss and daily downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Solution: The plant consulted Benetech to resolve the cement conveyor spillage, dusting and material loading problems, as well as to create a safer work environment.

Benetech recommended the MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard and Belt Support System to control the dust and spillage. We started by removing the existing skirt system and installing a 40-foot MaxZone containment system. It included four inspection doors, tracker trainers, a V-Plow, dust curtains, idlers, sealing-skirt rubber with quick-release clamps, and externally adjustable, internal wearliners.

We also installed peaked hoods for the dusting and spillage from the load-out belt overhead. This let the overhead spillage shed off the bottom MaxZone and away from the bottom belt, preventing the idlers and trackers from seizing up.

To correct the take-up spillage, an extended tail box was added and the entire loading zone was sealed, allowing the take-up to maintain the correct tension on the belt.

To address the improper material flow, we modified the existing chute closer to the belt. This allowed material be loaded on the belt gently, reducing the dust and conveyor spillage caused by the prior harsh impact.

Customer Result: The cement plant reduced dust and spillage by approximately 70%, and the system no longer needed to be shut down eight hours each week for housekeeping. The conveyor spillage control made such an impact on operations that the customer ordered another MaxZone system for another troubled belt.

Let’s Discuss Your Conveyor Belt Spillage Solution

Benetech believes your resources should be spent on high-performing technologies and solutions that improve assets related to safety, production and lower operating costs. If your business is contending with conveyor belt spillage, we have your specific solution. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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