Efforts to protect the conveyor belt and control dust and spillage frequently focus on solutions above the belt. This is helpful – but also often incomplete, as many problems originate beneath the belt. Efficient material flow systems include conveyor support above and below the belt.

Benetech, Inc. specializes in complete conveyor belt support systems and tracking solutions. Our design and engineering pack high performance into each support structure to decrease spillage and dust, weaken impact energy and vibrations and prevent pinch points that trap material.

Our systems incorporate impact idlers and support beds under each load zone and between load points and idlers with proper spacing along the conveyor as needed. By holding the belt up between the idlers, the roller beds remove the shock to the belt under the loading zone. The conveyor belt skirting system can stay clamped onto a flat, smooth surface to reduce spillage and seal more dust.

Benetech support products also can fit different belt widths and be customized for special conditions.

Here’s a quick look at our products for vital support beneath the belt:

Simple Slide Idler

You no longer need to lift the entire belt and take out the idler frame. Instead, Benetech’s modular roller frames let you remove and replace individual conveyor belt idlers simply by pulling out a pin for quick and safe installation and maintenance. The innovative roller designs also adapt to high speeds and tonnages.

Belt Trackers

Factors such as weather, inconsistent loading, or unexpected conveyor damage can cause belt misalignment. Benetech belt trackers respond instantly to keep the belt straight, so material remains where it belongs. This prevents spillage, reduces clean-up costs and downtime, and helps lengthen the life of your belt.

Support and Impact Beds

The Warrior Roll & Guide Bed creates a seamless seal against load zone spillage and dust when you need belt support beyond regular idlers. Low-friction slider bars on the wing sections and rollers in the center minimize drag while fully supporting the belt at the edges. This cushions and stabilizes the belt during loading and defends impact zones from damage.

Under-the-Belt Specialty Plow Cleaners

Material pinched between the belt, and the return pulley can break the belt. Our Diagonal Plows and V-Plows remove the material before the belt reaches the pulley.

Secure Total Belt Support Today

Having the right belt support often separates production that’s steady from that which is stalled. So safeguard your material flow system with complete belt support, including under the belt. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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