unmitigated conveyor dustFugitive dust created by the conveyor in bulk material handling can turn into major setbacks if left unaddressed for too long. Production might continue, but it will be increasingly less efficient. Safety and compliance will become greater issues as well.

You depend on your conveyor system to ensure exceptional customer service and achieve your operational goals. Conveyor dust control is a prime example of how a proactive prevention strategy outweighs a reactive response to a cure.

Having a plan for preventing conveyor dust allows your operation to:

  • Retain more bulk material. The impact of material loss from fugitive dust can’t be overstated. Lost material leads to lost revenue and forces the conveyor system to work harder to move less product.
  • Reduce the risk of fire and explosions. When suspended in the air in certain conditions, many types of fugitive dust that escape from the conveyor can become combustible. If the dust ignites, it can cause great harm to people and property.
  • Decrease inhalable and respirable dust hazards. Breathing inhalable or respirable dust poses a significant threat to personal health. Larger and heavier inhalable dust will often lodge in the nose, throat, or upper respiratory tract. In addition, smaller and finer respirable dust can permeate the lungs and respiratory system.
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance. OSHA, MSHA, and the EPA all publish rules and guidelines on the need or requirement to reduce airborne dust. In addition, as of September 2020, operations are also now required to perform a Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA) of how dust hazards are being lessened and managed.
  • Fulfill environmental responsibility. Beyond a bulk material handler’s concern for employees, an operation has a duty to restrict fugitive dust that can travel deeper into the community.
  • Lessen maintenance work and expense. The build-up of fugitive dust causes costly extra housekeeping. It can also inflict premature wear on your conveyor equipment and systems.

Smart Solutions for Controlling Conveyor Dust

clean, dust-free conveyor

Benetech’s engineers focus on problem-solving innovation that frees more of your time for increasing production. For example, our MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard and Belt Support System include the components for preventing conveyor dust that can interfere with your goals.

Aware of your operational concerns and objectives, we leave no source of dust out of our sight. Our solutions ensure you can secure all of your conveyor systems with superior dust control.

  • MaxZone XN Externally Adjusted Internal Wearliner for sealing your system and extending the production and life of your chute work.
  • Sealing System with no-hassle clamps and seals on the sides of the load zone to contain dust and eliminate spillage
  • Warrior Impact Bed with a stiff, rigid frame and soft rubber bars to cushion and absorb impact on the conveyor belt during loading
  • Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed with low-friction slider bars on the wing section and rollers in the center to create a seamless seal against load zone spillage and dust
  • Simple Slide Idler for roller frames that slide into place close together without the need to remove adjacent idlers – even in confined spaces – providing exceptional belt support with safe, easy maintenance and greater time and cost savings
  • Primary and Secondary Belt Cleaners (Scrapers) for resolving carryback issues once and for all
  • Easy-Change Dust Curtain that interrupts airflow and allows dust to settle on the conveyor belt
  • Unique Peaked Hood Design for greater containment of escaped material and less settling of dust
  • Tailseal with skirting and strip rubber that creates a tight seal at the rear of the chute work

Our conveyor skirting system components are also simple and affordable to install, and they require no welding.

Take Total Control of Conveyor Dust Starting Today

Where there is a challenge with dust, Benetech is there with you to defeat it. Turn conveyor dust problems into conveyor dust solutions. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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