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Production, maintenance, safety, compliance: Success in bulk material handling involves many facets. Properly managing each call for multidimensional support from a resource with knowledge, experience, and relationships reaching across years of hard work and discovery.

A well-run and -maintained conveyor system is crucial to greater output and customer service. With the right tools and strategies at the conveyor, we can move more products in less time with less risk to personnel and less wear on equipment.

For that reason, Benetech now assigns specialized leadership of a new division dedicated exclusively to conveyor component sales.

Essential Position

The Benetech Director of Conveyor Component Sales develops enduring relationships with bulk material–handling distributors and direct customers to deliver the solutions they seek to remain efficient, safe, and profitable.

To achieve this, the Director structures, trains, and leads a sales group focused on a specific plan for providing answers and innovation where they are needed throughout North America. The Director also ensures that distributors and direct customers fully understand Benetech solutions and can implement them for their required results.

The Director coordinates any channel crossover between distributors and direct sales to ensure productive, communicative teamwork that pursues the goal of serving and solving.

Such aims and responsibilities call for even more than vital professional knowledge and skill. They also depend on the X factors of passion, discipline, and a genuine interest in people, as well as the desire to listen to them, learn from them, and go to where they are.

Chris Hopper

Ideal Person

Just as sodium needs chlorine to form a salt, so does a vital industry position require the right individual to make it an agent of progress in bulk material handling.

To that end, Benetech took great care in searching for and choosing a professional who could fill the role with the qualities for driving operations’ greatest potential in their bulk material load zones.

In February 2021, we welcomed Mr. Chris Hopper to the leadership role in our new Conveyor Component Sales Division. As the division’s Director, Chris brings 15 years of experience with conveyor systems, conveyor components, power transmission products, and the industries those items serve.

His specializations include sales, business development, marketing, and 10 years of managing and working with multiple sales channels and the support structure needed for their success.

Before joining Benetech, Chris had worked the last 10 years at Precision Pulley & Idler, where he served as a territory manager, industry sales manager, and, most recently, corporate industry manager.

While at Precision Pulley, he sold and marketed diverse conveyor components to wide-ranging industries, including aggregate, steel, heavy mining, and cement.

Beyond his commitment to serving North American bulk material handlers, Chris has been active in industry organizations such as the National Industrial Belting Association (NIBA), the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association Young Leaders Program, and the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA).

He also currently serves as Chair of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA).

“I am excited to be a part of the Benetech team,” Chris said. “Benetech has all the right spillage and dust mitigation tools for making an impact in diverse industries such as cement, aggregate, steel, and mining.

“I will apply my experience to develop an industrial distribution network to markets that need greater conveyor-component solutions for production, maintenance, safety, and compliance.”

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