It’s a question most bulk material handlers will consider at some point: Should we spend a little on equipment upkeep now – or potentially a lot more on correcting problems later?

Evidence and experience prove the value of periodic conveyor system maintenance:

  • fewer mechanical issues
  • greater system performance
  • avoidance of unplanned downtime
  • less loss of product and production
  • fewer missed deadlines
  • longer equipment life/longer conveyor belt life
  • safer environment for employees and customers
  • more control over timing of maintenance
  • more-consistent production schedules
  • greater machine resale or trade-in value


inspection door

With greater profitability, OSHA compliance and operational efficiency the result, conveyor maintenance would seem essential – and yet it is often postponed.

In some cases, conveyor inspections and repairs might be delayed because of busy schedules. In others, putting them off could be a matter of short-term financial concerns.

Perhaps even more common, inconvenient access to the conveyor will deter the proper maintenance. Getting into the system to examine components can be cumbersome. Doors might be bolted shut and require time and effort for unbolting and rebolting. If a door is old and rusty, agitating it could cause spillage. Other doors might be sealed incorrectly or have latches that are hard to open.

Your solution to difficult access is simple.

Benetech Conveyor and Transfer Chute Inspection Doors

Heavy-duty, dust-tight Benetech conveyor inspection doors make your system easy to access for effortless inspection and clean-out. They are also easy to install with a basic cut-and-weld or bolt-on process.

Once implemented, the inspection doors become integral to your material handling system. Beyond desirable access, the doors provide:

  • an innovative door-deflector panel for less material build-up on the door seal
  • grease fitting on pinned hinges for no play or locking up
  • resilient door seals hidden in the groove for long-lasting service
  • ergonomic cam-action and never-seize closing latches with adjustable tension
  • handles that will not bend

Benetech conveyor chute inspection doors are available in both standard and custom sizes of safety-yellow mild steel with an unlined deflector panel. Custom door options include:

  • single or double door styles
  • stainless steel
  • AR400 lined deflector panel for wear protection
  • no deflector panel
  • plugged-chute sensor cutout
  • protection screen

Benetech’s specialty inspection doors include:

  • a curved design to fit the unique contour of screw conveyor troughs or any U-shaped structure
  • heavy-duty crusher doors for quick access to trouble-free inspections

Simplify Your Conveyor Maintenance Now

We’re ready to put our proven inspection door designs to work to keep your operation productive and safe while enhancing your profitability and number of satisfied customers. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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