Press Release: Trent Tisor on the importance of Dust Collection Assessments.

Trent Tisor, Benetech, Inc. Dust Collection Technical Manager

Montgomery, IL (04/01/2022) – Benetech, Inc., is an environmental company that controls fugitive dust and provides bulk material handling solutions. We offer a complete Dust Collection Assessment to customers experiencing dust issues.

“Dust affects nearly all industries, including Aggregates, Cement, Steel, Wood, Biomass, Power, and Manufacturing as examples. As a result, dust collection continues to be an effective and important means to manage airborne dust,” said Trent Tisor, Dust Collection Technical Manager for Benetech, Inc.

Benetech’s Dust Collection Assessment Program provides expert observations and recommendations that offer site personnel a path to improved dust control by modifying existing equipment where possible.

Dust Collection Assessment

“Benetech will conduct an assessment of the airborne dust sources along with a review of the existing dust collection system. The recommended path to improving dust control works to maintain as much of the current system as possible. The assessment will ensure proper operation of the dust collection system and efficient dust control, offering improvements as possible within the capabilities of the existing dust collection system.”

Trent continued, “Benetech is the only company whose core business is designing, fabricating, and installing dust mitigation equipment with solutions that include not only dust collection but other advanced technologies such as containment and dust suppression. These technologies allow Benetech to provide options to control dust based on customer requirements and fit to varying budgets. In addition, utilizing this toolbox of dust mitigation technologies allows Benetech to integrate with the existing dust collection systems and successfully address airborne dust.”

About Benetech, Inc. Dust Control Solutions

Benetech, Inc. is the premier provider of best-in-class solutions for plant performance in industries experiencing dust control and material handling issues. Our Total Dust Management Solutions focus on improving overall dust control, dust collectors, material flow performance, and safety. In addition, we can identify hazards of combustible dust hazards. Potential hazards and dangers of dust can be from haul roads and construction sites. In addition, handling combustible dust can be hazardous; therefore, we can help. Our commitment to total quality has served us with both customers and employees alike since 1983.


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