Airborne dust that escapes during bulk material flow can become a significant safety hazard, mainly if they are combustible.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines combustible dust as “fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in the air in certain conditions.” They can result in employee death or injury and destroy entire buildings. A dust explosion also can damage relations between a business and its community.

Combustible airborne dust detonates when it reaches a high concentration in an enclosed space where heat and oxygen are present. The resulting pressure creates the explosion. In addition to harming the dust containment system, this first blast can trigger one or more secondary explosions. These can be far more destructive because of the greater amount of dust that has been released.

In many events involving a dust explosion, business operators and employees are unaware of the developing danger.

Several industries often at risk of combustible airborne dust include:

  • agriculture
  • chemicals
  • grains
  • fertilizer
  • wood
  • forestry
  • paper & pulp
  • recycling
  • furniture
  • coal
  • metal processing
  • fossil-fuel power generation

Benetech: Your Partner in Dust Filtration, Containment, and Suppression

Benetech, Inc. specializes in dust mitigation and bulk material–handling systems. Our products, services, and technologies reduce dust spillage, dispersion, and accumulation; reinforce material flow safety and dust-free working environments; and fortify compliance.

As your partners in creating a safe material flow and a dust-free work environment, we offer you:

  • Advanced and patented technologies for engineered transfer chutes
  • Inspection doors that give easy access to hidden areas
  • Belt cleaners that prevent carryback and spillage
  • Belt support and containment that restricts the escape of combustible dust
  • GreenTarp™ dust suppression for control of inactive piles and ground covers
  • Washdown systems that make cleaning efficient and easy
  • Wet-dust extraction that removes up to 99.5% of airborne dust
  • Specialty applications that inhibit spontaneous combustion

We also review existing dust filtration, containment, and suppression systems and troubleshoot for any deficiencies in them. Benetech specialists further consult with you in following OSHA recommendations for material flow safety and a dust-free work environment.

Case Study: Dust Suppression Audit at Crusher House

Situation: To measure required performance, a Minnesota power plant’s an engineering and coal yard personnel evaluated Benetech’s containment system for the plant’s coal dust.

They randomly inspected 12 points from the C-15 crusher building to the tripper floors. The inspectors also took samples to serve as data sources in comparing coals treated with Benetech’s dust suppression with those not.

Result: The in-house auditors provided the plant with a complete evaluation report. It included a charted comparison showing averages of the data collected during each inspection phase. The report concluded that coal treated with Benetech’s dust containment solutions reduced overall dust by 86.4%.

Control Your Risks Starting Now

With the right dust suppression products, plan, and system, you can contain and reduce combustible airborne dust. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist about ensuring a safe material flow and a dust-free work environment.

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