Benetech Load Zone Support Systems: How Safe Is Your Conveyor Belt?

Conveyor belts for your bulk material handling have a tough task to perform: They must remain efficient and durable while transferring large loads for lengthy periods. Without the proper support, those belts can deteriorate from the steady impact of tramp metal, rock debris and other bulk materials. The damage can lead to both costly repairs and lost production time.

Your goal is to protect your conveyor belts so they provide you with greater life, yield and safety. Achieving this requires more than bar reinforcement alone.

Benetech, Inc. specializes in conveyor belt load zone support systems. Our design and engineering pack high performance into each integrated support structure to increase output, reduce outages and weaken impact energy and vibrations.

Innovative roller designs adapt to high speeds and tonnage, and modular formats allow for easy change-out. Our premium load zone support systems also fortify the undercarriage of the conveyor belt running the length of the upper chute for superior dust and spillage control.

Benetech’s conveyor belt load zone support systems incorporate Warrior Impact Beds and Warrior Roll & Guide Beds under each load zone and between load points in addition to Simple Slide Idlers with proper spacing along the conveyor belt as needed. Each component is made for effortless service and maintenance.

Conveyor Load Zone Support: Warrior Impact Bed

load zone support systemProtection guaranteed. The Warrior Impact Bed defends the belt from damage by supporting and stabilizing it during loading. A rigid steel frame and soft rubber bars cushion the belt and absorb impact, leading to longer belt life, no spilling and leakage, and lower operations and maintenance costs.

The bars of the Impact Bed are set below the unloaded belt’s line of travel in the center of the bed. This ensures the belt will endure impact without friction and wear if the belt is running empty. The wing bars on the sides of the cradle are installed in line with the idlers to allow optimal sealing of the transfer point.

The wings and center sections slide in and out for easy access. Quick impact-bar change-outs minimize downtime as well.

Warrior Impact Bars also can be used with most industrial chemicals.

Conveyor Load Zone Support: Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed

The Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed creates a seamless seal to help eliminate dust and spillage in the load zone. Its distinctive design utilizes low-friction slider bars on the wing sections and rollers in the center. This minimizes belt drag while fully supporting the belt at the edges – right where it’s needed the most.

The Support Bed’s adjustable wing sections ensure a flat, level surface for the conveyor belt and the load zone, allowing the system to perform its best.

Easy to install and maintain and able to fit trough angles, this valuable part of our load zone support systems increases skirtboard life, removes gaps between the skirtboard and the seal, and stops crimping of interior skirt liners.

The Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed can include center standard or impact rollers. Typical bars and beds are 48” (1200mm). Custom lengths are available as well.

Conveyor Load Zone Support: Simple Slide Idlers

Benetech’s easy-to-install Simple Slide Idlers are placed up to 18” between each bed section (impact or slider) to prevent conveyor belt entrapment and pinching.

They use either impact or steel rolls and come in any belt width and troughing angle. They also feature wing and center roller frames that slide in and out of place without the need to raise the belt or remove adjacent idlers, resulting in greater safety and easier maintenance.

You can use our Simple Slide Idlers throughout your load zone support system as your design and production requirements dictate. The roller frames’ compact size allows for placement even in confined spaces, ensuring you have the belt reinforcement you need.

Benetech: Your Solution for Conveyor Belt Load Zone Support Systems

Damaged conveyor belts, excessive spillage and increased downtime hurt your efficiency and make moving material much harder than it needs to be. Benetech’s load zone support systems solve your challenges to keep you productive and profitable.

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Benetech provides complete, performance-based solutions for dust mitigation and bulk material handling systems. Our products, services and technologies reduce risk, prevent spillage, improve material flow and reinforce compliance for your projects. We are your partner from start to finish in planning, engineering and operating your dust control and material handling. We will help you assess your challenges, establish your priorities and achieve the results you require.

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