Total Dust Management (TDM®): A 360° Approach to a Safer, More Efficient Operation

As a bulk material handler, you want to process the largest quantity of product in the least time in the safest, cleanest environment. Unfortunately, a major obstacle to that goal is spillage and fugitive dust, creating lost products, more maintenance, lost time, and more hazards to both staff and the community.

Conquering fugitive dust requires a complete solution throughout your operation. Benetech understands how, why, when, and where you need to control this issue. To help ensure your operation can reach its greatest potential, we support you with the technology and service for total dust management:

  • Transfer Chutes
  • Wet Dust Collection
  • Dust Suppression
  • Conveyor Components
  • Washdown Systems

Engineered Transfer ChutesTotal Dust Management (TDM®): Transfer Chutes

Benetech uses state-of-the-art Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) analysis to evaluate and optimize each material handling transfer point design. We use this data to engineer, procure and construct your transfer chutes according to your plant’s processing system, including the transfer tower, cascade conveyors, and post-crusher load zones.

A key factor is the “load” chute discharge. Rather than passively control dust, Benetech’s design actively helps to prevent its formation. A cornerless chute design replaces a traditional chute’s square corners, maximizing material flow while dramatically reducing build-up and spillage.

The engineered load chute allows for adjustable, vertical loading to suit different fuel types and environmental conditions by changing material speed through the transfer. Adjustable horizontal loading likewise works to improve the center-loading of the belt.

Total Dust Management (TDM®): Dust Suppression

Having an operation-specific dust suppression system is vital to your total dust management program. Through it, you:

  • lower risk of fire and explosions
  • decrease inhalable and respirable dust hazards
  • satisfy regulatory compliance
  • fulfill environmental responsibility
  • lessen maintenance work and expense

Efficient dust suppression applies chemical-solution injections that reduce and even eliminate dust. It also comprises systemic solutions such as managing hydrophobic materials (those that repel water from the surface). Benetech Dust Suppression lowers the water’s surface tension to a value closer to the treated material, letting the water droplets capture more dust particles.

Washdown SystemsTotal Dust Management (TDM®): Washdown Systems

As dust accumulates during production, it becomes airborne and settles in areas high above the floor or hard to see or reach. Many of these areas are hosed down manually, which leads to excessive housekeeping hours and costs.

Benetech Washdown Systems help you ensure that all dust is removed after the material is conveyed. We guide you through each step of developing your custom system, from process analysis to commissioning and start-up. We also supply you with operational and maintenance manuals for continued support.

Your Benetech Washdown System minimizes water usage and integrates engineered drainage, curbing, and water shielding. The system also is hydraulically balanced and zoned, and each zone can be manually activated or fully automated through a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Total Dust Management (TDM®): Wet Dust Extraction

Wet dust extraction provides high-efficiency dust collection with significant advantages over traditional dry dust collection. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency identifies it as the Best Available Control Technology.

With Benetech, you resolve the issues that can arise with fabric-filter systems and combustible dust. Our wet dust extractor uses energy from a bifurcated fan to encapsulate dust particles into atomized water. This treatment removes 99.7% of dust while eliminating the need for compressed air, belt maintenance, and bag changes.

Benetech Wet Dust Extraction further increases safety by removing the motor from the air stream and preventing bag-house explosions that dry dust handling can cause.

Industrial conveyor systemTotal Dust Management (TDM®): Conveyor Components

Benetech’s MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard and Belt Support System include the dust management items you need to reduce maintenance time and cost while increasing material throughput, plant safety, and operating efficiency:

  • Dust Tight Inspection-Doors with easy access to key areas for simple maintenance
  • MaxZone XN Externally Adjusted Internal Wearliner for sealing your system and extending the life and production of your chute work with no need for confined space entry.
  • Sealing System with no-hassle clamps and seals on the sides of the load zone to contain dust and eliminate spillage
  • Warrior Impact Bed with a stiff, rigid frame and soft rubber bars to cushion and absorb impact on the conveyor belt during loading
  • Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed with low-friction slider bars on the wing section and rollers in the center to create a seamless seal against load zone spillage and dust
  • Benetech Training Idler for instant correction of belt misalignment without special structural modifications (reversible and troughing belt tracking also available)
  • Simple Slide Idler with roller frames that slide into place without having to remove adjacent idlers
  • Belt Cleaners and Replacement Blades for addressing carryback issues once and for all
  • Belt Guards for better protection from moving machinery and material flow, as well as for greater OSHA and MSHA compliance

With our load zone modular design, you can replace components without changing schedules for special permits or extended shutdowns. The system is also simple to install, and it requires no welding.

Total Dust Management (TDM®): Contact Us Today

When it comes to dust management, Benetech leaves no particle out of your target. We are here to help you reduce risk, increase safety, decrease maintenance and boost both profits and customer service. To defeat your dust starting now – contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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