Several mine-to-mouth coal-fired power plants belonging to a utility in the southwest were having issues related to the wet and heavy lignite coal they handle. Issues included buildup and pluggage and, in some cases, were causing unit derates.

Benetech Solution

Benetech dealt directly with three of the utility plants and installed Clean Sweep systems to solve the pluggage problems. In all instances, the Clean Sweep nozzles are working great, and the utility issues have been resolved.


  • Unit 3 Reclaim Feeder:
  • The customer had modified Feeders to eliminate drag chains.
  • Resulting in a chute with an angle of fewer than 60 degrees, and the discharge chute was plugging.
  • Benetech installed 25 Clean Sweep nozzles.
  • Results: No Lignite buildup in the discharge chute

PLANTS 1, 2, and 3:

  • The customer was experiencing Lignite buildup and pluggage above crusher dewatering gates before feeder.
  • The customer had multiple Martin Air Cannons installed, which did not keep the area clean.
  • Pluggage resulted in unit derates due to loss of lignite flow.
  • Benetech installed Clean Sweep nozzles above and below dewatering gates.
  • Results: Pluggage and derates eliminated.

Plant 1, 2 and 3 PACS nozzles