EPC For New Crusher Feeders, Transfer Chutes & Receiving Hoppers


KCPL LaCygne was experiencing severe spillage and dust problems due to feeders at end-of-life in Units 1 and 2 of their secondary crusher house. As a result, KCPL engaged Benetech to assess the situation and come up with solution/s that would:

  •  Reduce dust in the crusher house by 80%
  •  Contain fugitive material preventing spillage issues
  •  Improve material flow by evenly distributing the coal flow across the inlet of the crushers
  •  Reduce required housekeeping and maintenance around feeders in crusher house
  •  Design, fabricate and install in the allotted time frame

Benetech Scope

After extensive design and site walk down, Benetech determined that the fully enclosed feeder was in the best interest of KCP&L due to cost and design efficiency, surge bin internal geometries not needing to change, and removable panels for ease of maintenance. Therefore, Benetech designed, fabricated, and installed:

Units 1 &2-

  •  Advanced Design Flow feed chutes (2) from the bottom of the existing slide gates to the receiving belts of the two new fully enclosed feeders
  •  New fully enclosed, self-cleaning feeders (2) to replace existing belt feeders
  •  Advanced Design Flow chute sections which incorporate easy to maintain flow control devices that evenly distribute the coal flow across the face of the crusher inlets

Units 2-

  •  Modifications were made to the lower surge bin section over one of the gates to be placed at a matching angle to the adjacent slide gate.
  •  Two new flop gates were installed to properly lay the material across the face of the rotary crushers or into the crusher bypass chute.

Solution Achieved

All objectives were met with this project. Dust reduction percentage far exceeds the required 80%. The new enclosed feeders contain fugitive material and improve flow by evenly distributing the coal. The Advanced Flow Chutes improve material flow during adverse conditions and meet the 1000TPH requirement. Plant personnel have seen a significant improvement and are very happy with the results.

Enclosed Feeder Before & After