Due to aging infrastructure, this Midwestern electric power provider was experiencing excessive dusting, spillage, and carryback in its coal-fired power plants. To ensure these problems were addressed, the company initiated a coal team to tackle the issues. Their ongoing mission is to reduce O&M costs, reduce risks of forced outages, and ensure environmental compliance. With a common goal in mind, Benetech partnered with the team to address the issues. Starting with two plants totaling over 3,000 MW, Benetech provided engineered solutions to control and contain the material flow, alleviate the spillage and dusting issues, extend belt and chute life and create a safe work environment.

Existing Problems

  •  High dust levels, excessive spillage, and plugging problems
  •  Training and Consistency of Equipment: Multiple brands and types of belt cleaners and conveyor components
  •  Load containment systems offered no easy and safe way to adjust inner skirt boards
  •  Plant A-Older cascade type system shifted over time, existing skirtboard utilized full belt width leaving no allowance for belt sway
  • Plant B-Chute within a chute design was unable to meet design tonnage rate, experienced high pluggage, and had little access availability

The Benetech EPC Approach

With baseload unit requirements, Benetech made sure all work was completed with minimal conveyor outages. All performance targets were met, and integrating new technology with the existing system minimized project capital. Best-in-class conveyor components were used to provide consistency and to prevent spillage and carryback. To ensure sustainable results, training was provided for proper maintenance and upkeep. Scope included:

  •  Plant Personnel Training
  • MaxZone Modular Skirtboard and Belt
    Support Systems
  • Engineered Flow Chutes with MaxZone Systems
  • Upgrade belt cleaning systems
  • Upgrade dust seals and wear liners
  • Replace all troughing idlers and all return idlers
  • Support the replacement of conveyor belts,
    excluding material and vulcanization
  • Relocation of the head pulley on both conveyors
  • Reset tail section of both conveyors
  • Integrate advanced design chute
  • Improve angle & design of dribble chute
  • Dust Control
  • Spillage Control
  • Operating Efficiencies
  • Employee Safety
  • Protection of Owner Assets and Investments

Successful Results

Plant A:

  • Dust Level Reduction – 82.94%
  • Spillage and Carryback Reduction – 97.25%

Plant B:

  • Dust Level Reduction – 88.7%
  • Spillage and Carryback Reduction – 98.98%
  • Controlled Material Flow
  • Reduced Dust, Spillage, and Plugging
  • Lowered O&M Time and Expense
  • Improved Safety of Operation