A North American gypsum plant was experiencing increased maintenance and housekeeping costs due to an access door on their screw conveyor that was flat and bolted on. Opening and closing the access door was a very long and taxing process due to the fact that each bolt had to be individually screwed on and off. Additionally, this process would result in stripped bolt threads and the aggravating task of replacing bolts. Excess leakage was experienced because the bolted on doors failed to provide a dust-tight seal. The flat door also had a ledge that collected material that fell to the floor every time it was opened. To save on O&M costs, prevent leakage, and create a safer working environment, they turned to Benetech for a customized solution that would seal flush against the housing’s U-shaped side.

Benetech’s Solution

Benetech utilized its experience with inspection doors to create a customized solution that ensures both proper servicing of components and efficient housekeeping that helps control build-up. Simple to install, open and close, the bolt-free Screw Conveyor Curved Access Door allows quick and easy access for clean-out, inspection, and repair with notably less maintenance time. It also reduces dust accumulation on the door and the frame while providing a dust-tight seal that stops material leakage from the access cutout and the side of the chute. Its curvature to the conveyor further prevents material from falling out when the door is opened.

Successful Results

The plant is extremely happy with the results. Inspection and maintenance times have been reduced by hours, and the door’s bolt-free design has eliminated the spillage issues the plant was having. Cleaning out the screw conveyor trough is no longer an aggravating task.