Limestone Transload Material Handling (Quarry Haul Trucks to Unit Trains)


This Montana limestone quarry needed to load unit trains with Limestone for transportation to the nearby power station’s Scrubber Feed System. At the same time, the quarry had an existing manifest-train loading system (a few cars per day), the rail company and the power plant needed to load a larger train at a higher rate. Dome storage of an entire train was not affordable, which lead to the concept of establishing new spurs for storage and loading of both Limestone and Sugar Rock products by loading each train as quickly as the trucks can be brought from the quarry and dumped (transloaded). Once Benetech established the conceptual design, it was important to continue working with the customer to provide more accurate pricing and scheduling. Also, the existing bagging plant interfered with new spur routing; hence, modifications to the bagging plant included structural modifications and system relocations. Finally, the design required careful planning to continue the operation of the manifest-train loading during construction.

Benetech Advantages

  •  Cradle to Grave Responsibility
  •  TEAM development with customer
  •  Design & Innovation Quality
  •  Fugitive Dust Management
  •  Attention to detail at every step
  •  Schedule and Cost Control

Driving Objectives/Results Achieved

  •  New 110 ton trucks to be utilized
  •  Enclosed stilling shed with passive dust control similar to PRB hoppers
  •  160-ton truck receiving hopper
  •  Stamler chain feeder with variable speed hydraulic drive
  •  Hilfiger wall at the truck dump, featuring the use of MLC’s own rock
  •  Totally enclosed vibrating screen
  •  600 ton per hour partially enclosed conveyor system with soft start
  •  Overhead tube conveyor highway crossing
  •  Certified weight scales (2)
  •  Three miles of rail siding (including the bridge)
  •  Three miles of new roads
  •  Designed to be easily expandable at a future date. Additionally, Benetech assisted the client in searching for additional Utilities needing Scrubber Limestone, providing the possibility of more than doubling the throughput.

Benetech Advantages

  •  Conceptual Design and Budgetary Pricing of several innovative alternatives
  •  Assist with Ultimate Design Selection for Best Alternative
  •  Detailed Design and Pricing of Best Alternative
  •  Firm-price Turn-key Implementation
    •  Permitting, Power, Civil, Rail, and Bridge Engineering
    •  Final Engineering
    •  Procurement
    •  Construction