Limestone Transloading facility for Greenfield Limestone truck dump processing and Unit Train Loading of power plant scrubber limestone and sugar rock


  • Turn-key through 3 stages
    1. Conceptual layout of innovative options, schedule, estimating, and permitting presentations
    2. Detailed engineering, permitting, purchase of materials & contracts for earthwork and rail
    3. Balance of engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning
  • Team Development with Customer
  • Determination of lowest cost functional option (mass storage vs. just in time process)
  • Rail movement conceptualization of spur operations with BNSF
  • Design/construct of earthwork, rail bridge, 3 miles of rail siding, 3 miles of roads, culverts, foundations, electrical transmission, substations, MCC’s, and power/controls.
  • System components included:
    • Truck and stilling shed to accommodate over the road trucks
    • Heavy service Stamler feeder with variable speed drive to control system resonance
    • Hilfiger wall integral to truck dump (made from native rock for cost and appearance benefits)
    • Totally enclosed vibrating screen to separate fines from Sugar Rock shipments
    • Overland/over highway (closed tube) conveying system
    • Overhead loading surge bins and weigh-feeders to accurately load and certify railcar
  • Designed to manage fugitive dust and to be easily expandable
  • Two SD-50 locomotives were purchased with the project for siding and loading movements


  • All objectives met
  • All customer concerns and follow-up accomplished
  • Operations and maintenance focused on a superb performance
  • Design alternative was given thorough due diligence to verify accuracy
  • Passive dust hood technology
  • On-time and under budget
  • Every step of this project was accomplished in harmony with owners, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, state agencies, BNSF, landowners, and neighbors.