Petroleum Coke Transfer Point and Hopper Dust Control


The Rain CII Calciner Plant is located in Calcasieu Parish on the Calcasieu ship channel in Louisiana. It receives petroleum coke by barge
and truck and has green coke storage for 60,000 tons of raw material. The plant had a visible fugitive dusting problem. Neighbors of the
plant were being affected during the ship unloading process. In addition, dust off of the storage piles was blowing into the waterway and
needed to be addressed.

The Benetech EPC Approach

Benetech proposed and installed two suppression application points. First, a hopper spray application to help eliminate fine pet coke dust
generated during the unloading process. Here, BT-210W is applied at low moisture rates. The second application point is the first transfer
point. Next, a full-body treatment is done with GDS-12 again used at very low moisture rates.

Successful Results

Rain CII Calciner Plant is very pleased with the results. The fugitive dust problem is under control. When Hurricane Ike caused devastation
to the Louisiana coastline in 2008, the storage piles were protected by the Benetech systems and remained intact, showing further
the success of the suppression systems.